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30 Minutes to Another Break Through For Your Online Business

Break Through For Your Online Business


David here…


I have a great video to share with you,

done by my mentor Lauren’s.


How to get a breakthrough in your Online business


Get your note pad ready and take some notes,

as this can save your online business and move you to the next level.


Are you ready?


Starting you Homebased Business

When you start your online business there are four phases that you will go through.


1. Desperation

2. Comfort

3. Inspiration

4. Momentum / Success


Desperation: When most of us start in an online business we start our business at some level and can be desperate to succeed.

You might be stuck and have no success,

no real breakthrough, and no income coming in.


There is a positive and a negative to this and let me explain that now.

Being desperate can show in you posture,

the way you do your videos,

the they way you communicate to your list

and this can be a negative to attract people into your business.


The other part of desperation can be good as your back is against the wall,

as you do not have a plan B a job or some other source of income to fall back on.

You need to provide for your family so you will give it your best shot.


The four steps to Success Online

home based business

Comfort: Is when you are doing your online business part time so your commitment is not 100%.

You say to yourself I am going to give this homebased business a go as if you have a plan B you lose focus of your goal.


Inspiration: Comes from when your online business is starting to flourish and you are making money and building a team.

This can be a good feeling but this can disappear fast if you do not add value to your team.


Momentum / Success: The next step is when your team is growing and you have stepped into a leadership role.

And people what to be with you. You start to help others and build a team where people are attracted towards you and want to be in your team.


What is your Deep Why for doing your Online Business?


The best way to get to the fourth stage is to find out what is your why at a deeper level why are you doing your online business?


What’s your core beliefs?

What do you stand for think deeply?

What is driving you to do your business?


Ask these questions dig deep and get the deeper meaning why you are doing this online business.


This will help you become clear on your purpose and this will help you grow your business.


Just remember it’s not just about the money.

The money will come when you help others to succeed.

Start to focus on other people’s needs and not the money.

This is when you will break free of the first 3 phases Desperation, Comfort and Inspiration.


The 4th Phase to Success in an Online Business 

work from home opportunities


It’s just a decision to progress to the 4th stage Momentum / Success.

When it’s about people the results will come and change you.

Immerse yourself with the training, Google hangouts and leaders.



Everyone’s story is different, stand up for what you believe in,

when you start providing value that is the secret ingredient.

Success starts inside of you, it’s so simple and we just brush it off.


It all starts by building a list and making a decision to be successful.

What a leader would do is to first find their deep why?

You can earn $30,000 per month when you find your deeper meaning and why.


This will affect how you are selling things.

How you market, pay attention to this video and find out where you are stuck.

Focus on the targets bull’s eye, your why which is your core beliefs become a servant leader and do for others.


When you are consistently involved with the leaders,

you will start to learn and get inspired.

And become a more positive and confident individual.


To your success and abundance.

make money online


David Ingham

Connect with me on Skype: davesharljd


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  1. Great post ! I like both sides of the story.

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  2. I’m going a bit of different direction with this comment. It’s what stood out to me the most from the first part of the vid.. When he panned the camera to the lounge area, he had a Jack Van Impe Prophecy Bible on the table (I’m almost certain that was his bible and not the standard hotel gidians bible. I find this interesting! Possibly faith, spirituality and Home Business go together pretty well. Building networks (culture or society even) can be simple and probably complicated at times, but I think to build a healthy network one may “have” to employ faith and spirituality in their own lives and to the lives of the individuals which that one is mentoring. It’s humbling to follow someone and submit to looking up to them, even when you think you know it all! LOL… -. David, I have a few steps to take to work with you guys still but I’ve already learned (and relearned) some things by following you so closely over the past month or so. It’s refreshing. Faith and spirituality in internet marketing and home business; work from home. It’s probably a lot easier to connect with people by having a spiritual side.

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    • Hi Chad you write really well and I will be looking forward to commenting on your blog posts soon. DO you have you own blog its a great way to write about what you are passionate about.

      Keep up the great work and thanks for your great comments :)



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