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A solution to making money online

the best ways To Make Money Online

A solution to making money online

A solution to making money online

Here is a great post that I got from Tony Rush an internet marketer enjoy, some great points how to create success in an online business.

when building a business online :)


A few months ago, I was at a conference and I had the opportunity to have dinner with some friends in the home business profession. And there were several other people at the table that I didn’t yet know.

I was seated next to one fellow (let’s call him Phillip) who told me about several marketing courses he was taking, conferences he was attending, and how he’d been working a minimum of 50 hours per week on his business.


A solution to making money online

A solution to making money online

So, I asked the obvious question: “So, what are you actually doing during those 50 hours/week to build your business?”

He said he was blogging, writing articles, shooting videos, producing content, etc. in order to build traffic and “create a following”.

He told me about how many Likes he had on his Facebook Page and how many views he had on Youtube and all about how his blog posts were doing in the search engines.

Finally he leaned in a little and said, “You know, I’m having a ball and I’m learning a lot. But I’ve been working over 50 hours a week and my income is actually not growing very much at all.”


Can you spot Phillp’s problem?

Phillip is drinking the Web 2.0 Kool-Aid. He believes that if he spends 8-10 hours a day writing articles, writing scripts, shooting videos and becoming a “guru” online….

…that people are going to find him online, fall in love with his free content, sign up on his mailing list and buy stuff from him because he’s such a swell guy.

See, all that “busy work” keeps Phillip from taking action on the ONE thing that actually makes him money: and that is actually focusing on income-producing activities!

As long as he stays focused on “becoming a guru” and “churning out content”….


…he can avoid the ULTIMATE TEST of whether or not what he’s doing is working.

What’s the ULTIMATE TEST? It’s one simple question: “How much money are these actions actually making you?”


A solution to making money online – work from home

A solution to making money online

By avoiding actions that are tied too closely to the ULTIMATE TEST…..Phillip’s self-esteem is protected….his ego can avoid the sting of failure…..and he can keep smiling and grinding away without admitting that he’s just running in place.

At least for awhile.


See, it’s one thing to string your spouse along and tell them that you’re making great strides in the business and that all your effort is going to pay off “in the long run” and continually put off the ONE measurement that actually means anything in business…..

…but it’s quite another to actually admit that what you’re doing isn’t working and that you need to change your strategy.

And that’s the winner mentality. It’s the ability to throw your ego to the side and say, “I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been stuck in this loop for this long with no sales……but I’d rather admit it and FIX it than to keep drinking the Kool-Aid and pretending that everything is going to be alright.”


So — at that same dinner — I turned to another friend (let’s call him Bob) and asked him, “How do you market YOUR business”?

And he said, “I’m focused on using paid-traffic and direct marketing to build my email list and sell stuff.”

Which do you think is making more money? Phillip or Bob?

Answer: Bob.


There’s nothing wrong with long-range planning.
There’s nothing wrong with building an audience.
There’s nothing wrong with building relationships.

That’s all great.



You’ve got to be able to put out a sales message in front of potential buyers TODAY and see results later this WEEK……so you can tweak your actions and maximize your income.

You have to fail fast. Not slow.

And, yes, I know all the social-media gurus and blogging mavens will all tell me I’m wrong. And that’s fine. They’ve got more followers than I do and more Likes than I do and more tweets than I do.


But you can bet your bottom dollar that the person focused on actual sales is getting way better results than the guy who’s obsessed with how many Likes his posts are getting.

Ultimately it’s your choice.


But, if what you’ve been doing week after week isn’t putting the money you want in your pocket…..

….how much longer are you going to postpone your results before you start realizing that spending 50 hours a week to be an online celebrity isn’t working?




David Ingham

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