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Attract people to Your Network Marketing business 1

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Are you struggling in your MLM Online Business?

I Have a Solution for YOU!

Create a positive mindset of attraction and become a leader have a definite purpose and know where you are going then people will come to you and join your Online business.

Here are some Key Points I learnt form Mike Dillard

  1. The psychology of attraction and the importance of personal development
  2. Marketing you as a problem solver not a sales person
  3. The concept is about attraction and people contacting you to join your Network Marketing business
  4. How do you become attractive and get people calling you? You need to become a leader where people can see you have confidence, you know where you going and you can lead people, you offer value, solutions, and inspire people
  5. People do not join a business they join YOU!
  6. If you do not have these skills and these qualities distributors will struggle until they develop these skills
  7. Leadership is a STATE OF MIND which is not given to you by others. Your group reflects your personal beliefs about yourself
  8. You can not fake belief. You cannot pretend or act. You truly believe you are or you are not
  9. An example of a Leader in your Network Marketing industry would be a leader living in a mind state of abundance and who is pursued and followed by others.

How do I start to become a leader in Network Marketing?

You will feel strange when you decide to create a new belief system about yourself. You will struggle in the beginning when going from a follower to an up and coming leader. Challenging your current views about your self and acting like a different person is scary yet a wonderful experience. Increasing your value to others and taking the initiative to move yourself from one group to another is what personal development is all about.

Belief leads to certain actions and behaviors. These new actions and behaviors are going to be strange at the beginning. But given time and dedication and affirmation.  These actions will help you develop into the leader you need to be to generate the results you seek.

Here are some Examples of a Successful Upline Leader

  • Started training your new distributors and providing them with instructions
  • When talking to prospects you have the confidence and posture and become more authoritative
  • Start to host and introduce guests on training calls
  • Taken personal responsibility for their lead generation and marketing campaigns
  • Their personal confidence and self worth has begun to rise significantly

This is very power teachings here thanks to Mike Dillard and Magnetic Sponsoring : )


Tomorrow I will do another awesome update 2 so come back for more great information.

To your success and abundance.

To your success,

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    Great post David!!

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