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Attract people to Your Network Marketing business Part 2

Leadership Qualities in Network Marketing

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Thanks to Mike Dillard and his teachings in Magnetic Sponsoring let’s get stuck into some more great teachings are you ready : )

Ok we have discussed in the last blog post that people do not join companies they join confident people who have leadership qualities, who add value to others, have solutions, have an abundance mentality, and are attractive to others. So what are you doing to make yourself a more attractive person? Are you going to decide that you are a leader as it is a decision and a state of mind?

Start today read books attend seminars purchase courses to make yourself better and change your mind set to become a leader.

When I started in my Network Marketing career I had little confidence and was unsure of myself and had a low self esteem. I was uncomfortable with the idea of been a leader and I was influenced by others and it was never my fault but always someone else’s. As you can imagine with this mindset no one joined my network marketing business until I made the decision to change and become a leader.

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Leaders also have the vision, courage and willingness to lead themselves through adversity and challenge. This is an important quality as leaders can lead themselves through struggles and not quit. This gives you the skills and attraction qualities for others to follow you. Everyone starts off as a follower first to learn the necessary skills and then becomes a leader.

Leaders are attractive to people and will be sought after and pursued. They are attractive to others and success comes easily.


Here are some Network Marketing personality traits of leaders:


  1. Leaders are not concerned with outside criticism, they are naturally attractive, and radiate confidence.
  2. They have a burning desire a definite purpose and know what they want; they focus all their energy on achieving their goals.
  3. They have a positive posture and people are attracted to listen to them. They have a clear sense of what is possible and the rules connected to these possibilities.
  4. Leaders have a set of rules that people must follow.
  5. They treat themselves with respect and integrity; they do not tolerate disrespect and will ignore that person.
  6. Leaders add massive amounts of value to others, they love themselves.
  7. They protect and love the people that matter to them.
  8. They always have a positive attitude and are optimist.
  9. Leaders dress well, look after their bodies and have a high self esteem.

10. Leaders do what most people will not do.

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What is a Network Marketing leader?

So let’s sum this up for you : ) A leader is someone who has a team of 10,000, You remember the person that gets all the hot girls is a leader, the person driving the new Porsche is a leader, the girl who is dressed with style and dignity is a leader, your priest at your Church.


KEY POINT: The person who can sponsor people at will in their Network Marketing business is a leader; people will come to you and will want to be in association with you.

Leaders have a totally different lifestyle: They attract success, prospects will automatically find you, have high incomes, have good social circles, have respect, add value to others, mentorship, have an abundance mentality that there is enough for everyone.


Here are some great points thanks to Mike Dillard and Magnetic Sponsoring that can change your Network Marketing business forever.

I will write more on leadership so keep an eye out for Part 3 tomorrow.

To your success and abundance.

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