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Attract people to Your Network Marketing business Part 5

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Attract people to Your home based business

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David Ingham here from Work From Home Career Thanks to Mike Dillard and his Magnet Sponsoring for this awesome teaching.

Lets carry on with these great teachings lets go : )

Let’s do a quick recap: What have we have learnt in the last post? We discussed that emotions get in the way of success and we need to recognise that fact. Forget about the marketing plan, the presentation, tools, website just focus on adding value to others.

When you are a new distributor emotions will get in the way of your success as people normally join a home based business or network marketing company out of hope, desperation and excitement. Many people who join your Network Marketing company are people who have never run their own business before. There is a steep learning curve in creating a high self esteem, being confident, mental maturity, and belief in becoming a leader.

Take responsibility in your Home based Business

You need to be ready to take responsibility for your failures and actions and adapt new beliefs in yourself, confidence, leadership, willingness and start developing this now even before you have a down line. This will change your business when you start believing and you will start to see results.

TOP POINT: Emotions in the Network Marketing industry will drain you and you will eventually quit. It’s a business and you need to treat it as one.

Grow up into a professional have a mentality of abundance and not lack. Even if your top leader quits your business just keep going and not be distracted as there is enough good people out there just waiting for your opportunity which is an abundance mindset and not lack. So it’s a process just keep going and you will succeed.

Have an abundance mentality and people will be attracted to your Home based Business

Home based businessYou will learn about a marketing system which will help you sell your products. Learning how to market we will discuss later in my next posts. You want to guide your distributors on how to market and to become leaders and in return they do the same and teach others to become leaders and how to market online.

When you start to develop new leaders and have at least 5 in your team you will be on your way to create a lucrative income.

Network Marketing can change lives

In Network Marketing you have the power to influence 100,000 people lives in a positive way so remember you have that power and that can motivate you into action. This is very powerful and exciting : )

“Image courtesy of [89studio] /“.

TOP POINT: The greatest is not the money, the friendships, the time but it’s the “person you become”.

Ok we have covered some great material just remember when people see you as helping then solve their problems and not as a sales person then you become attractive.

Thanks to Mike Dillard and his Magnet Sponsoring for this awesome teachings.

I will write more on leadership so keep an eye out for Part 6.

To your success and abundance.


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