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Attract people to Your Network Marketing business Part 7

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Mindset is key to Attract more people to Your MLM Business

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Abundance and Positive Mindset

Hello David Ingham here from work from home career, I am sure you are getting some great tips on how to become a leader. And how to become a more attractive person, so you can start to attract more people to your online business. Learn new skills and teach these new skills to others, this is the best way to start to add value. Buy books and attend trainings and start your journey to become a leader? Magnet Sponsoring and Mike Dillard teachings will help you to get the correct mindset to win.

KEY POINT: People will do almost anything to cure \ avoid pain.

If you have good material that can help people in their online business and offer them a solution, they will want to attain that solution to get rid of the pain, it’s a survival instinct.

People would rather learn how to do something than actually do it, purchasing hope rather than doing the work.

I have done this before by surfing on the internet and I see a new shinny object that promises me that’s it’s going to solve all my problems. And I am going to make money overnight. I have purchased the software and I feel great for a one day and never use it. You have to be on guard with your mind and not purchase these shiny objects that cause you to run around in circles for years.

Find a mentor and use one strategy until you have mastered it, then you can move onto the next strategy. Otherwise you will run around in circles and burn out. Then you will be one of the statistics that says: “This home business thing does not work”.


Mindset and Attraction in your MLM business

online businessPeople want what they can’t have and are attracted towards people who have it. People who see others as leaders and experts want to be like them. People are desperate and looking for leaders and leadership to guide them and help then to success and better their lives and life styles.

KEY POINT: There is a lack of leadership and servants of people who want to help and add value. This gives you an opportunity as there is always space for people who want to help others and become a leader.When you become a leader in your Home Business you will attract new people into your business effortlessly.  And this is done by increasing your value to the world and in turn this will increase your confidence and beliefs in yourself.

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Key learning point is: When you become a leader you market by adding value and offering solutions to others and become an expert in your field. People will be pulled towards you.

This attracts future business partners to you without been a sales person and you are there to help anyone who asks for it. Leaders help people without want or any need.

So most people in a home business think they are sales people and must sell and 95% of them have no sales experience and eventually quite as they have spent all their money on Advertising.

Key Point: Stop selling your product and business opportunity up front. Long term income is created by developing leaders and having a customer base in your Home Business.

How to position yourself as an expert and attract leads to you?


Here are four Skills that I can help you with to Win in your Home Business.

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  1. You need to have an Auto Responder and learn how it works I use Aweber. This is your customer data base your asset. As if something happened to you home based business you will still have all your contacts in one place.
  2. Be able to make simple Lead capture pages to capture people names and email addresses. Here is an example of my lead page and it is easy to build.
  3. Learn ways to drive traffic to your lead capture pages this can be done through Magnetic Sponsoring.

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  1. Self development success mindset training is key to your success, as 98% will fail if this part is not in place. Spend 20 minutes per day reading listening to personal development material.

Building relationships with your list is very important. If you want a real business be real and honest by sharing you. People buy from people and conviction not the opportunity.

Hello David Ingham here from work from home career I am learning every day and I hope that this great material will help you in your online business. I will post some more blogs on success, posture and how to Sponsor more reps in your Network Marketing Business so keep a look out for more interesting posts.


To your success and abundance.

PS: Get started in your business to day

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