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Best Online Home Business Opportunities

Making money with a Home Business

How to find the best online home business

Best online home business opportunities

I am doing an experiment to see if I can rank a Youtube video
On the first page of Google with the key word “Best online home business opportunities“.

But I am going to need your help to get the video ranked.


The more you share this blog post and the video below on Social media

the more “Social Signals” the video and blog post will get and Google

will rank the video and this blog post.


So please share this blog post and video this will help me rank this video :)


How to Build my Email list

I am having some fun and learning how to create a sales funnel to get more leads
And opt ins to my email list.


How cool will it be if I can rank the keyword: best online home business opportunities

on page one in Google and get people to watch my sales video and opt into my email list fun fun :)

I created a sales video that was short to the point and I delivered a clear message

and a call to action to get people to enter their name and email address

to get access to the best online home business opportunity.


I used a program called Camtasia to edit the video and added pictures to

make the video more fun and engaging watch the video below :)

You can watch my YouTube video – Best Online Home Business Opportunities

Next step was to Create a lead capture page

I used Aweber and Squeeze Matic to create the lead pages.

Now I just need to get this video shared on social media with your help.

I have heard a term called “Social Signals” it’s all about sharing content online

via social media and Google loves videos and blog posts been shared on social media.


To find the Best Online Home Business

Best Online Home Business Opportunities


The more something is shared the more Google will rank the video or blog post.

Let’s see how many shares I can get with this blog post, and thanks for your help.

I have also created  a welcome page when someone subscribes to my email list.


I am building the page with Squeeze Matic I am also building in a feature

where you get a bonus where you share one on my videos on social media.

I am just trying to figure out how to build this, I have some idea’s.

Which I will share later during this case study :)


So keep your eyes open and see what I do.

Here is the link to my welcome page:


I will give you some feed back on this case study on how things are going

and my progress in ranking the YouTube video with the key word:

Best Online Home Business Opportunities using “Social Signals”.


Thanks for helping me get this video ranked you rock :)




Best Online Home Business Opportunities


PS: Share my Blog post so I can rank my key word on the first page of Google so

I can prove that “Social Signals can help to rank a key word.

Best Online Home Business Opportunities“.


Thanks for sharing :)



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