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Business Networking for your Online Home Based Business

More sales in your Online Home Based Business

Online Home Based Business Success – Work Local

I went to a network meeting called to meet some local business people.

I am looking to boost my sales in my online home based business

and build business contacts in my local community as most of my clients are in other countries.

This might give you some tips on how to increase your own sales and contacts in your local community.


I found great value in attending and learnt a lot being there. This will help my Online home based business

And create more sales.


You can do the same, find out where your local network meetings are and attend.

This will help you build relationships in your local community.

They say the riches are in your back yard.

I have started an Online Home Based Business and these tips can help you to

home based business success

  1.  Truly network with every person as everyone has value. Build rapport be friendly do not sell ask questions.
  2. Doing more business locally makes it easier as no travel and many other benefits as well. Start to build relationships and people will recommend you to others.
  3. Ask the right questions to see where you can help them and how you can connect them with one of your business contacts.
  4. Find out how many people work in your town and how many businesses there are. What is the turnover of money in a monthly basis? Start to get a more focused approach and connect with more business and social media can help you.
  5. Where your focus goes energy flows, create conversations, this will create opportunities, which can create more business and sales.

At the meeting we were put in groups where we had to do a 20 second pitch on our business.

This is a great way to get your pitch perfect and not stumble on your words.

When someone asks you the question “What do you do?”


Here is my pitch for my Online home based business,

this was not easy to do as the adrenaline is pumping and people are watching.

It’s a great exercise and helps you to get better with your pitch.


My Pitch: Online Home Based Business Karatbars International

My name is David Ingham and I have many years of business experience. I work in precious metals and my passion is to help people start a savings plan in Gold, we also offer an affiliate program where you can make money. The company is called Karatbars International, we have a unique product. Where we offer Gold Bars in 1g portions, 2,5g and 5g. This makes saving in Gold available to anyone, Karatbars is based in Germany Europe. You can start a Gold savings plan from £40 per month. We also offer free Gold storage.Thanks you David Ingham helping you create your first Gold Savings Plan.

Creating Online Home based business leads

Online Home Based Business


Now you have an idea of what I do which is an Online home based business selling a Gold savings plan.

This was not easy at first but with practice and writing this blog.

I am getting better at telling someone what I do.

Just practise and soon you will be doing your pitch with ease and confidence.


This can make a big difference when talking to people as first impressions are important.

Practice your 20 second pitch so people can understand what you do and leave out all the jargon.


My plan of action is going to connect with more local people in Stevenage.

And share my Online home based business with others.


LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people and business owners.

You can search by post code and this can help you connect with local people.


You can also use Face Book graph search and search for groups in your local area.

Find your target market and start to build relationships with them.

Remember do not sell just start a conversation and see how you can help others.

Ask to meet up and have a coffee and start a conversation how you can help them.


Connecting with local people on Face Book and LinkedIn can be very useful.

You can see who others are connected to and make contact with them as well.


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To your success and abundance,

 creating success


David Ingham

Connect with me on Skype: davesharljd


“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

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