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Create Success Today – Change your Life Around

Creating Success in any Business

Create Success Today – And Turn your Life Around

I went to a Seminar called Prosperity Power on the weekend by Mark Anastasi.

I wanted to share with you what I learnt as this might help you in your journey to create success.


Having prosperity thinking will create success in your life.


Prosperity = State of flourishing thriving, happiness, joy and health.


Help others with their health, prosperity, thriving, flourishing and make a difference in the world.


Feel grateful for what you have, give love, create magic moments for your family, friends, and clients.

This is will create a prosperous feeling for you inside.


Creating a shift in thinking about Your Life and Making Money

Create Success Today

I have some questions for you below, I know it will bring up some stuff.

This will help you to identify and eliminate these limiting beliefs,

and create a brand new future and life for you, that can be filled will love,

joy, happiness, fun, vitality, and health.


Limiting beliefs are just in the mind and you can release them now peacefully.


So let’s get started with some questions

What did your parents think about money? Are you hanging onto these beliefs?

Ask yourself the question: “What is the worst thing about making money in your life”?

Ask yourself what is the worst thing about rich people?


Regards to money I feel angry because?


Write 5 things that do not make you abundant right now?

What were you told as a child, of your abilities and what you were capable of?

Do you remember a specific emotional incident in your life that affected your view of yourself:?

  • I do not like myself because?
  • I hate myself because?
  • Other people do not like me because?


How were your parents in their relationships, were they fighting, drinking, getting divorced?

What prevents you from having a loving relationship?

What is the worst thing being in a relationship?

What is preventing you from having amazing amounts of energy in your body?

The reason I cannot make money online is because?

What are your 3 main negative beliefs in attaining your goal?


Here are some examples

Create Success Today

My friends think I do not have what it takes to be successful!

People do not like what I am doing!

I am not good enough and not loved!


The truth of who you are is amazing, who you really are is light energy in the physical form.

Most beliefs are not true so release them now and be free.


Now write the 3 exact statements that you did above and do it in the positive.


Here are some examples

My friends encourage me and empower me!

People love what I am doing and want more!

People encourage me and love me!


You see how you can change your limiting beliefs just by doing this exercise.

You are safe and can release these beliefs now.


By doing these exercises, brings up what you need to work on.


What are your hierarchy of values?

Create Success Today


This will help you to see what is important to you and here are a few examples that I can give you:


Family, friends, money, watching football, going to the gym, success, new car, new house, watching F1, going on holiday, friends, health, sleep, more free time, to be successful, helping others, making new friends,


Now find your ten best values and add others if they are not on your list and number them from 1-10.

Here is a great exercise: Imagine the amount of money you want to earn and match that with your values.

List 5 reasons how making that amount of money is going to help you with your values?


Here are a few examples for you.

Making that amount of money will give me confidence as now I will have a success story, and be able to provide for my family have abundance in our lives, give too others and create special moments for family, friends, travel, build a new house and eat well and be healthy.

You can switch this into your favour and ask 100 reasons why making money is good.

Switch all the negative beliefs into positive beliefs. Here are a few examples: 


Money is good and gives me freedom

Money helps me live my life with fun and prosperity

Money gives me the opportunity to help others


Another great way to shift your thinking is by writing 20 things you are grateful for and 20 things you are proud of and read this every morning:


Here is a great exercise as well, write down who you want to be and visualise your ideal life.


Here is an example

work from home

Work From Home


Fell like your goal has already be accomplished


Clarity is Power


Get crystal clear on what you want, visualise the vision, feel it, taste it, imagine it, and connect with your exact vision what you focus on develops.


Have the amount of money in mind that you want to earn and what you want to own.

New house, holiday, things you want to create, create trust, travel, give great experiences to family and loved ones, be healthy, get fit, get good core strength, look and feel great, build relationships and a community of people, look after family, build new house, travel, and play sport.


What is your purpose in life and your life’s vision?


Get specific on what you want to do, write this down. Be your values as we have discussed above this will drive you to go for your goals and have fun at the same time.


Create Success Today Raise your vibration

Create Success Today

Here is a great exercise to raise your vibration.


As if you have a higher vibration you will be happier, healthier and people will be attracted to you and help you achieve your life’s purpose.


You can increase you vibration by doing some exercise, walking your dog, hugging is a great way, listening to some music and watching inspirational videos.


Here is a great exercise:


Imagine you won 20 million on the lottery.

If you had no limitations and had 20 million in the bank and you could not fail what would you be doing right now?


Here are some tips that can help you get going and what to do.


If you could start completely fresh what would you be doing right now?

What do you love talking about?

What do people keep asking you about at dinner parties other social etc?

Find a story that you have that can help others.


What problems do you love solving for people?


What comes easy to you that is harder for others?


What do you love?

What do you want to be said at your eulogy?

Become clear what is your true purpose in life?


Having no purpose will lead you to running around in circles. What do you want to create?

When you share your true life purpose you will become happy and increase your vibration.

Creating joy and happiness is passionate pursuits, what are you passionate about?


The world can only evolve if you give back something.

You are just passing through life so leave some great foot prints.

Adding value to others, living your purpose, the more you give the more comes back to you.


Money is nothing compared to the value you create for other people.

Law of income: Add massive value to others give solutions and provide a service, market to your target market.

In life if you help others to get what they want you become prosperous by enriching others.


What do your clients want? Help them solve their problems,

the bigger the problems you solve, makes you more money.

Look to become better.


Creating your Target Market

When starting out in your business you need to identify your target market.

Also create your million dollar marketing hook


Here is an example 


How to get 1000 subscribers in 30 days.

What is happening in your subconscious mind that is holding you back to achieve your goals?


Lack of money is never a problem it is a result.

Change the way you think about money.

There is 240 trillion in the world there is enough for all of us.


To your success and abundance,

 creating success


David Ingham

Connect with me on Skype: davesharljd


“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

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  1. You are what you think! Great stuff David as always.

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  2. Through positive thinking, dedication, passion, and Patience anything is possible. This article hits the nail on the head, great read.

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  3. Thanks for sharing it with us , it is always good to be reminded that We are the ones in charge of our lives .

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