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Creating a New Future – Giovanni and David Show

Creating a New Future

Hello there David Ingham from work from home career

I had a great Google hangout with my friend Giovanni on creating a new future.

Lets Create a New Future

We had some key words that we wanted to talk about.


This session was not prepared, we just spoke form our heart and through our own experiences in our life’s journey.

Below you will find some key words that can help you create success in your life.


Creating a New Future

Creating a New Future

Community – Is a great powerful word “community” as this can make you feel belonging to a group where you contribute and where you are respected and celebrated.

To be part of a community can be very rewarding and give you a sense of well being and belonging.

There is a saying that goes” Go where you are celebrated not where you are tolerated”.


Mindset – Is the most important factor in creating a new future in any business as if you think you can your are probably right – Henry Ford

Do Google search on mindset and listen to YouTube videos this will help you to create more success into your life.


Mentors – Are key to create success in any business as they have the experience to guide you and help you when you hit a brick wall and you want to quit. Mentors are there for you to lean on and ask those questions when you are desperate to succeed.


Quitting – There will be times in your life that you want to quit and that is ok.

There will be times that you will need to ask for a second opinion from someone who has specialised knowledge.

As you might need to change your plan and start again.


Abundance – Awareness is very powerful and can help you manifest more prosperity into your life.

Human beings have infinite possibilities to achieve anything they want in thier lives.

There is no lack it’s all in our minds and you can create a new future.

Develop a form of meditation and create and abundant life that you deserve all is possible to you now.

You can follow Wayne Dyer who has great recording and books on abundance and prosperity.


You can experience life in a new abundant and peaceful way.


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To your success and abundance,

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David Ingham

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