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Creating Posture in Network Marketing

Posture in Network Marketing

Posture and Network Marketing
Posture In Network Marketing

Hello David Ingham here from Work From Home Career I have some great material for you today. Are you looking to be more powerful when prospecting and have more posture and not beg people to join your business?

Are you looking for more reps to join your business? What would 2 more reps per month do to your business?

Then you need to register with Ray Higdon and purchased his Recruiting Mastery Webinar

Then you will learn exactly what to say to the leads, you’ll be getting when you use the “29 Lead Sources” found in the free Audio that you get when you register : )

I having been listening to his Recruiting Master Webinar and have found the material a ton of value.

Here are some tips to Sponsor more reps

1.       There is a reason why prospects are not joining your business

2.       Never  beg people to watch your presentation or come to your meeting this is weak

3.       Do not be a sales person be a problem solver

4.       Ask specific questions to see what  they are looking for  what are their needs, motives, wants : Are you open to a side project? Are you open to Multiple Streams of Income? Would you like some part time have holiday money? Do you keep your options open with regards to a new business project?

5.       If they say yes: Now do not get the greed gland working and mess up the opportunity ask questions and listen to what your prospect is going to say talk less.

6.        Ask then this key question: I am curious why you are open? What has changed? You can also ask do you think things will be better in 6 months to a year? Get the prospect to state their problem. Now you have just raised a problem and now you can offer them a solution with your opportunity.

7.       Get them to watch your video presentation attend a meeting

8.       There is so much awesome material learn from Ray Higdon here is a key point that you will learn from the Recruiting Mastery Webinar  is never get people to upset you and steal your dream.

9.       Have an attitude that you are going to build this business no matter what and this is not optional step up and be bold.

10.   When you have this attitude of been unstoppable you become attractive to other and people will be attracted to you.


These are some great tips to get you sponsoring more reps into your business.


PS: I am working on an internet project with my mentors you can find more information here:




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  1. Great value David! Ray Higdon is wonderful to learn from. Glad we both get to learn from him,

    Keep developing your blog buddy. You are doing such a great job. Keep it hot!

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