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Hi Dave Fantastic on what you said , I love …

Comment on Creating Success by learning from our failures by Sam Stars LA’dj.

Hi Dave Fantastic on what you said , I love the video of The third metric by Arianna Huffington & I like her knowledge on wisdom & on what she said ,was so power she did great on her line of delivery,on her presentation.Bang on point!!! These are things that’s needed too be address on daily basses to friends & families to educated them for a better future, people need this to make in formed discussion as too where they are now & too where they want to be,in 2 or 3 years from now, in order to better them self & the people around them & for better quality of life & too understand how precious life is & to embrace it & to
enjoy every moment,while you on this planet. I’ve always said if, you give money away,it always come back to you.FACT!!! & if you,ask ? & you shall be given.Dave I liked what you said on Law of Attraction I’ve also listened too Loir A.Petrosino 13 recording that changed her life,I’ve also met her & also had my photo take with her,yet another powerful Ladie

Thanks for taking you time out to read this it was much appreciated & also like you wedbinners I look forward to the listening you & two other guys Dave your real blessing Bless you + 2
From Sam