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I am so humbled and proud that I was able to help others with our Google hangout we had last Thursday. Please read and watch the hangout below you will be inspired to do more.

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Hey David.. you are already touched some people’s lives the other day.. Please read this…

I pray first of all for you and Alby and hope your back problems   are resolved as quickly as possible.

I’m writing this e-mail to you and Alby to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for last night’s wonderful hang out.

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Sometimes in life we think we are doing all the right things and going through the motions but nothing seems to happen. Day after day I found myself sitting in front of the computer learning, doing, and implementing and yet no results. Struggling, getting more and more frustrated just as David did.

As I sat watching but more importantly listening to not only David but Arthur it was like a light bulb exploded in my head and I finally discovered my problem. It was me!!

I believe in mindset and have read numerous books, listened to audios, watched The Secret at least 20 times but I was still the same old person, until last night. I can’t put into words what I felt but I knew as I sat there listening to both of these wonderful people I would never be the same. I knew what I had to do and suddenly it all made perfect sense.

I now know my why and that is very important. That was the key ingredient missing for me so this morning I sat  down and did some soul searching and took a long hard look at myself, some I liked and some not so much.

Being a rather shy person and not very confident in myself I was allowing that to stop me but that is not going to be the case now.

David said last night “you have to see yourself as successful” and I wasn’t seeing that at all until now.

See Yourself as a Success

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Last night was a turning point for me and  I know now I am successful and the goals I’ve set I will achieve. Listening to Arthur, so young and yet wise beyond his years lifted me up. As Alby said his enthusiasm was and is contagious.

I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders because I knew the struggles were created by myself and only I could change that. I was so excited after the hangout I could hardly sleep, in fact I kept waking up all night long.

Thank you both for the hang outs especially last nights. It had a profound impact on me and I will be forever grateful to you and Alby and also to David who truly helped me open my eyes (maybe because as I listened to him relate his struggles I felt he was talking about me)  and Arthur for his youthful exuberance. What an amazing young man. I feel the same way about Karatbars and this opportunity and how it is going to help change people’s lives.

Success is there for anyone regardless of age it’s a matter of believing in yourself .


Again Lourens and Alby thank you both for being the great leaders you are and for all you do and give to this team.



Lynn Law


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