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Gold gold gold – why we love it, and why it’s driven us mad

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The Royal Mint is selling gold bars directly to the public for the first time. But is it precious as it once was ?


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So the Royal Mint has started selling gold directly to the public. Welcome to the casino!

Many of you interested in the small-size wafers and ingots that the Mint is flogging will buy the metal because of its safe-haven reputation. Gold, you say to yourselves, is the sturdy craft that will withstand the gales of contemporary financial life, sailing through the sea of storm-tossed currencies and landing on the far shore with precious capital intact. Don’t bet on it. If you like a flutter for nostalgia’s sake, fine. But if you think you’re buying real money, forget it. That was yesterday.

For a long time, gold was money. When gold coinage was standardised in Asia Minor in 635 BC, the metal was transformed. At a stroke, it became the must-have form of wealth. Standardisation elevated gold from the scrappy realm of barter, where traders had to haggle over weight and purity, to the relative stability of currency. The popularity of gold money swept the Mediterranean world, democratising wealth and providing the foundation for modern commerce.

Scroll ahead to the Middle Ages. Europe’s biggest gold supplier was a near-mythical African ruler called Mansa Musa. He reigned over the gold-rich Mali Empire, a surprisingly urban civilisation along the Niger River. Mansa Musa built mosques and palaces in cities such as Timbuktu and Djenné. In the imperial capital, Niani, he received tributaries in an audience hall with windows framed in beaten gold.

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