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Expert Advice On How To Become Gold Savvy

TIP! When you sell gold, make sure to get multiple appraisals. There are quite a few stores selling jewelry or that buy it, and they sometimes make more money on the gold than you make on it.

Gold has long had a history of being a commodity that is well revered. Since its discovery in ancient times, humans have treasured gold. If you want to start trading in gold, the tips below will help you.

TIP! Verify the market price before selling your gold jewelry. Gold dealers cannot scam you out of money when you are informed about the value of your items.

Investigate the reputation of any firm you are considering doing business with. You can find out if they’re trustworthy by looking at the BBB reviews. A good buyer is going to give you a good price, and will provide you with superior customer service too. Protect your gold investment and yourself.

Gold Jewelry

TIP! Be aware of the true value of your items. There are many things that look like gold, but are completely worthless.

Do not allow the high price of gold to deter you from buying quality products. You will not benefit from buying jewelry that is plated or filled with gold. Before settling for a gold plated piece, understand that there are great deals out there on solid gold jewelry. You can usually find more affordable gold jewelry online, or if you visit pawnshops.

TIP! A quick and inexpensive way to test a piece of gold or precious metal to see if it is real, is by using a magnet. Real gold won’t stick to a magnet.

Check the return policy before you buy anyone a gift of gold. What if it doesn’t fit? If that should occur, it is important you can return the piece for a full refund.

TIP! Before you buy gold, know the dealer. It’s always a wise decision to check to see if a company has any complaints on file with the BBB, prior to giving money to any company.

If you decide to take any scrap gold or jewelry to local places that pay cash for gold, shop around. The current spot price for gold is considered as a national standard but not all buyers will offer this price. Kiosks in malls and other high-traffic areas pay more in rent and operations, thus, reducing the amount of money they are able to offer for your gold.

Melt Value

TIP! Knowing how to test the grade of the gold will make you a smart investor. The purity of golds is measured by karats.

If you are looking to sell gold, the first thing you need to figure out is if you’re going to offer it up as an entire jewelry piece, or seek the melt value. The quickest way to sell off gold (and the one many dealers and pawnbrokers prefer) is for the melt value. If you want to sell your gold as a jewelry item, you should keep looking for a good buyer.

TIP! One way to acquire gold at a good price is to ask relatives if they have old broken jewelry they would like to sell. Get a decent jewelry scale to weigh your gold.

Know what you actually have in your possession. Even though the item looks like gold, it may not have much value. A lot of times, metals are combined with gold to make the piece stronger. This will lower it’s worth. The same goes for pieces that are gold plated. If you do not know for sure the value of your gold piece, have it appraised before presenting it for sale.

TIP! You can invest in gold by purchasing beautiful gold jewelry. Jewelry can be an investment and a fashion statement too.

Now you know about the absolute value of pure gold and why it’s treasured by many people. Not only is gold a beautiful metal to wear, but it’s a good investment. Use the information from this article to begin using gold to your advantage.

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