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I have a treat for you on this new blog post from work from home career. I went to a presentation last night for a company called world Ventures Travel it’s a Network Marketing company selling travel packages.


I love going to meetings where people are full of energy and looking to help each other succeed it’s refreshing and I had a great evening.

We all can create anything we want in our lives it’s just a chose to decide what you want and do it. Change direction if you are heading nowhere, set your sail to a more exciting course. Are you looking for more out of life to become better? Are you hungry for success, looking for a better way as they say when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Some good advice on the evening was it’s important to find a good teacher / mentor to guide you on your path to success. Having fun and good energy is also important along the way so make sure you are with empowering uplifting people. Making sure you are getting enough sleep and eating good nutritious food is important to keep the body firing on all cylinders.

Become an Entrepeneur

Are you an entrepreneur or do you want the safe secure job? Do you want to work less and make money while you sleep? I like this saying I am going to work hard now sleep less until I become a success. But the reality is the success never comes. It’s better to keep your life balance as before you know it your children are grown up and you were far too busy trying to make a success and you lost all that precious time that you could of spent with your loved ones.

The power of residual Income

Internet Income
David Ingham Karatbars Gold Cards

This is where the power of residual income comes into play. I am an affiliate with a company called Karatbars International and they sell Gold in 1 Gram portions. Just imagine if I had a network of 10,000 people and all those people saved 4 grams of gold per/ month that would be ten tons of gold. Can you see how powerful residual income can be? As I would get paid a small commission every time someone saved in gold each month.

In today’s world it’s good to have a plan B to create a residual income I have a great analogy for you in the Karatbars business you can speak to people about saving in Gold and find 10 people to save 4 grams per month and earn a commission of £100 every single month. To earn £100 interest in the bank you will need to have £50,000 in the bank so what is better talking to 10 people or having £50,000 in the bank? Well you will say £50,000 but who has that amount of spare cash lying around.

Know you can see the potential of talking to people it’s all about relationship marketing and building a team.


Training and Time and Energy

Training is important to create the correct mind set to win and to help people to see themselves better than they are. Momentum and motivation is key in any business that why its always good to go on training to hear from successful mentors and learn new skills. Life is all about learning and developing and becoming better. Enjoy the journey of personal development and leadership.


Mentors Lourens and Alby

We have step by step training on our Karatbars Team with mentors ready to help you create success.

The magic is helping others to progress and create success. The power of keeping something simple and been coachable.


It’s important to know what’s your why


  1. What do you want to achieve?
  2. Help your parents?
  3. Create your dream lifestyle
  4. Help others
  5. Build your dream house
  6. Support your familiy


Thanks for following my Blog have a create day.


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Save in Gold












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