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Gold Based Crypto Currency

best cryptocurrency to invest in

Exciting times ahead with a Gold Based Crypto Currency

Below you will watch a great Facebook Live that I did with my business partner Malcolm Watson.

The information below can be life changing and set you up for your financial future, The key question is what is the best cryptocurrency to invest in? Also opportunities to purchase a Gold backed cryptocurrency.

I cannot offer any guarantees, but the exciting projects that the company is working on right now are a complete paradigm shift and game changer:

  • Creating a new Blockchain called Karatnet
  • Developing our new K1 Impulse Voice over Blockchain Smart Phone
  • The development of our seamless payment solution for businesses to take crypto currency payments

What do you think these products and initiatives will do to the price of our Coin?

The whole Goldstandard Bank ECO System will go live in November 2019, then all the components will work together that we own, such as: The gold Mines, the Karatnet Blockchain, the K1 Impulse Voice over Blockchain Smart Phone, the K – Merchant and our Crypto currency Bank.

Facebook Live Video with my Partner Malcolm Watson

Where Gold meets technology

The first products were 1g, 2.5g and 5g Gold bars helping people to create a Gold savings plan. And now we have moved into a new ERA of Gold and Gold Backed Cryptocurrency.

Best cryptocurrency to invest in

I am excited to share with you where Gold meets technology and our new KCB (Karat Bank Coin) will go live on the Exchanges in November / December 2019.

Exciting times ahead,

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Then watch this video to purchase your profit package:

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