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Gold Network Marketing

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Online network marketing

My name is David Ingham and I run a blog called work from home career.

gold network marketing

I help people create a full time income from home on the internet.

Gold Network Marketing is an opportunity.

To create freedom for you and your family.

Are you looking for a career from home?


Where you can create a full time income from the Internet?

Have you imagined that one day you will have your dream lifestyle?

Create a lifestyle that can support your family and travel around the world.

How about building your dream house in another country.

And taking 3 holidays per year.


Does that sound like the lifestyle that you have wanted all your life?

Or maybe you have a great job but you are just fed up.

Working 60-80 hours per week and need some time freedom.

Success in Gold network marketing

Gold Network marketing

Gold Network Marketing can offer you a massive leverage.

As you can do business in multiple countries.

This gives you a huge advantage, of just you leveraging your own time.

In Gold Network Marketing you can create a business from home.

And all you need is an Internet connection.

The Internet can be a mind field if you are looking for a Homebased business.

You need to do your research and find a mentor to work with.

KBC Digital Gold

Have you heard of the Karatbars KBC Coin that is trading on a few Crypto exchanges called HitBCT and Karatbit.

The KBC coin has had some great growth in the last six months,

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Network marketing online

I have tried many online MLM, multilevel marketing opportunities.

For the last 10 years with little success.

I have always dreamed of having a lifestyle where I can live in freedom.

With no money worries and to be able to travel around the world and have fun.

I have had a burning desire to succeed and create the Internet dream lifestyle  For my family.

gold network marketing


“Image courtesy of [arztsamui] /“.

I have been looking for an Internet based business.

Where I could be coached by a mentor and learn skills how to market online.

I found my mentors who have guided and helped me.


This is when I was introduces to Gold Network Marketing.

And have you guessed it, yes the product is Gold.

My mentors told me that if you want to be successful in Gold Network Marketing.

I would need to learn the following skills, then my probability of success will be much greater.

My mentors helped me step by step on how to implement the following:

 How to build a network marketing business

  • Create the correct mindset to win and take responsibility for your success.
  • Read / listen to personal development books on a daily basis.
  • Learn how to build your email list.
  • Learn how to build lead capture pages
  • Learn how to create YouTube videos
  • Build relationships and serve others

I have now been doing the Gold Network Marketing business.

For 10 months and for the first time in 10 years.

I am now creating success online and you can do the same.

I have learned some new skills to create my own email list.

Of potential business partners in my Gold network marketing business.

I now do my own YouTube videos sharing my success with others.


And in the beginning when I was still learning my new skills.

I shared the success of my mentors and members our protection through Gold team.

I also write a blog and share tips on mindset.

And ways to help you build your Homebased business.


To your success and abundance.



David Ingham

“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

PS: You can also become successful in Gold Network Marketing.

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About David Ingham (2951 Articles)
I am an online enthusiast, Project Manager and family man helping people create Financial Freedom and earn a Full Time Internet Income. Hence my Blog Work From Home Career, I live in the UK and I love life, rugby, running, snowboarding and Triathlon’s. Are you fed up been broke and looking to learn new skills to become financially free? I have teamed up with Successful Mentors that are ready to help you succeed.

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