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Good Ways to Make Money and Mastermind Coaching

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Good Ways to Make Money in Network Marketing


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Hello there David Ingham here from Work from Home Career.


I have recently been accepted to take part,

in a Mastermind coaching program.

And learning Good Ways to Make Money.


See below my application.

As this might help you with,

your application in the future.

Enjoy : )


Good Ways to Make Money Questions Below:

Why do you want massive change?


I believe that I will be a success.

Time goes so fast and I am now,

ready to become financially free.

I have been running around.

The internet and doing many Network Marketing

Programs without much success.

I am now ready for Good Ways to Make Money.

Good Ways to Make Money
Good Ways to Make Money

And read the right books and build relationship,I have started to follow the right mentors.

with successful people.

My time is now to shine and make a difference,

for myself and family.
I am ready for massive success and action.



What’s motivating me?


It’s to have a better lifestyle.

Pay off my debts and have huge abundance.

For my family, be free have gratitude and power.

I have a burning desire to prove to myself that I can do it.


How to Earn Money Online

I have no option but success and to learn Good Ways to Make Money.

Time waits for no one.

And I have wasted so much time in the past.

So now I need to increase my learning curve.

To make success happen.


Ways to Make Money

how to make money online
How to Make Money Online

Building my list of prospects using lead pages and Aweber.I am running an affiliate program and I am

I am looking to have a list explosion, get more traffic.


To my lead pages and create loyal followers,

who want to work with me, in my Network Marketing business

These are Good Ways to Make Money.


What are your skills?

Persistence and I have a hunger to succeed.
I am learning every day.

And looking to learn more I am a student :)


I have gratitude for what I have,

and the opportunities that are been presented to me.
I have two mentors that I now follow.

Who introduced me to my affiliate program.

I write my own Blog: Work from Home Career


They have taught me how to build my list with Aweber.

Do YouTube videos and attraction marketing.

And building relationships with my list.

These are all Good ways to Make Money.


My mentors have also built their own sales funnel.

That I use for my affiliate program.

All my partners have come through,

my online marketing and through my list.


I have only been doing this for 8 months.

And now I am starting to see more results.

Now it’s time to turn this on More  : )


What training have you done and books are you reading?

Think and grow rich, How to win Friends and influence people,

Ray Higdon blogging mastery, Jim Rohn Weekend seminar,

Tim sales and I have read many books, Google hangouts.

With my 6 figure earners, training attraction marketing.

And online marketing.


Team Skype room access for leaders with my mentors.

We have a new sales funnel that is been created now by my mentors

that is going to convert like crazy. So I am looking forward to that.

They have invested $30,000 into the project for our team.


Make Money from Home and investing in education?

Yes all leaders must learn more to become better.

I learn every day listening to training.

This will help me Make Money from Home.

And then I blog about what I have learnt,

and share the learning with others.

I  add value to others.


What Is Your desired target monthly revenue? 



Why haven’t you hit that monthly revenue goal yet?

Everything has change for me in the past 8 months.

Since I met my mentors. And I decided to be a success.

To Make Money Online.

And stop having a lack mind set and change that to abundance.

I was going down the wrong path.


Of blaming others for the lack of my success.

Now I have changed that mindset.

And it’s all up to me, not more blaming.


But taking action to succeed.

Changing mindset to abundance,

and gratitude.


I have seen massive change in me and in my results.

During the last 8 Months.

And I want to build on that now.


What would be your idea of success as we work together?

To have the feeling of total gratitude and peace.

Have new friends and do exciting projects together.

Travelling adding value, write a book. Build my dream house.

Do masterminds, and have $100,000 cash in the bank.

Learn to make money online and help my team to do the same.


To your success and abundance.

Make Money online
Make Money online



David Ingham

“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

PS: Are you looking for Good Ways to Make Money and to Make Money online? Then head Over here


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