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Guidelines for Success in Crypto Currency

What is Karatbars International?

I am working with Karatbars international a German based company as an independent affiliate that sells Gold and Gold based crypto currencies and Blockchain technology products.

Please have a look at the White Paper here for the road map ahead and some videos below.

More information regarding the company below:

You can watch the company presentation here:

IMpulse K1 Phone

Privacy is the New Order Privacy-first smartphone with the unique Voice-over-Blockchain (VoBP) Protocol

Get the revolutionary cyber-protected, blockchain-enabled smartphone with built-in cold storage wallet and VoB technology.

Our new WHIM Laptop Technology:

You can register your Karatbars account by clicking on the affiliate link.

When your registration is complete you can purchase your product straight away.

Follow the following steps and watch my video:

Step by step video

1: After registration go to and log into your account and then go to Product purchase.

2: Then select a product either a profit Package / K1 Impulse Phone Package or the WHIM Laptop Package you can choose what product you want to purchase.

3: The Profit packages comes with KCB Coins you choose the level, I would recommend the Phone or Laptop package level if spending €2500 Euros or more and you get VIP status as well, if that is what you can budget for otherwise you can choose a profit package.

4: The profit Packages start at €150 Euro and go to €1,000,000 Euro so there is a product for any budget.

5: €2500 Euro K1 Phone package comes with 5000 Euros of KCB Coins so you actually getting the phone for free. The WHIM Laptop package is €2600 Euros but you get €5200 Euros worth of coins so you are actually getting the Laptop for free.

PS: After looking at the data here, you have to have what is needed to be successful in sourcing the best cryptocurrencies. Carry on and learn and grow inside the field of crypto currencies.

Thank you,

David Ingham

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