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Home based Business and how persistence pays off

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Home based Business and persistence


My name is David and I run a blog called work from home career.

I love helping people to become successful in their online home based business.

My business partner and friend Malcolm Watson did a Google Hangout and had a blast.


How persistence pays off in a Home Based Business

Work from Home Career

We created 10 key words to talk about and to see if we could help you on your journey to success.


The key works are: Mindset, Mentors, Vision, Success, Failures, Effort, Risk, Resolve, Learn, Teach.

Let me touch on these words that we chose.

It’s amazing how easy it is to talk on a topic that your are passionate about.



And it’s amazing that we chose totally different key words to talk about.

So if you are looking to get a conversation going and develop some content,

get some key words and that will start the conversation or get your content flowing.


Creating Success in your Home based Business

Mindset: Is key for any business to succeed and mindset is developed by hanging around people who are positive about life and its adventures. Think and Grow Rich is a great book on mindset get a copy and study it. I have just been recommended another book which I have just purchased called “What to say when you talk to yourself”. By Shad Helmstetter

Mentors: Help us and guide us when we lose our faith and confidence in ourselves. They are there to give us encouragement when we need it most and help us through our obstacles.

Vision: Well if you have no vision for your future you will end up nowhere. A great place to start is to create a vision of what success means to you. Write this down and make the vision powerful and exciting. How is this new vision going to empower you? What is this going to provide for you and your family? What magical moments can be created with this new vision of you? Step into that new vision live it and breathe it.

Success: Means many different things to many people so create your own definition of success and live that vision.

Effort: I am sure you have heard this before nothing for nothing produces nothing. So you will need to put in the work to create your vision.

Failures: Are thereto make you grow as a person and learn new skills along the way. Failures are stepping stones to success. As my mentor told me “I failed myself into success”. So if you have had some failures in the past that is ok just get up and start again. In the book Think and Grow Rich there is a section on Failures and it says” Success is just one set beyond failure”.

Risk: Is the currency of millionaires, all successful people have taken risks to be successful. So dust off your dream and get out there and go for it.

Resolve: Keep going even when you want to quit as this will build courage on your journey to success. Nothing can stop you, stick with your mentors on your journey and the people who empower you.

Learn: This helps us to keep fresh with new ideas. Learning can be exciting and make us better so enjoy the journey and keep learning every day. Go to seminars, buy books and you will become a better person. Personal development is key to your journey to success. Be humble and keep been teachable.

Teach: I attend seminars, read books and then I turn those into blog posts and share what I have learnt.

Teaching is the best way to learn.


Thanks for reading my blog post,

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To your success and abundance,

 creating success


David Ingham

“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

PS: I am working on a project how to make money online you can Click Here to find out more:

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8 Comments on Home based Business and how persistence pays off

  1. Great post David & thanks for the Heads up!

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  2. One of the things that stands out most to me is that a couple of those keywords “seem” negative but are actually positive when understanding, knowledge & wisdom are applied. Failure is the trial & error process. I don’t think one successful person has never NOT had some failure. I have had many failures, but thank God for the success I have had that has kept me going. This is an awesome set of keywords though, lot of good things to think about & rethink.

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  3. YES DAVID, I AM FED UP BEING BROKE AND LOOKING FOR NEW SKILLS. I listened to your video on youtube,,The advice was amazingly great!! I’m sure I will look at it more than once. Yes, persistence does pay off and I will use that for my up and coming business.

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