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Homebusiness Success

tips on working from home

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Most people start a Homebusiness to create a lifestyle for our families having more time to take your children to school, go on holidays together, go to different countries build your dream home. Creating a life style is what we all strive for when we start out on working an online business.

Tips in a Homebusiness

My mentor Lourens done a Google+ hang out this week giving us some great points on how to succeed in a Homebusiness. We all want to start to earn $5000 – $10000 per month but it’s all about taking the right action and doing income producing activities. Plus to listen to your mentors who have already got results therefore do what they tell you to do as they have the experience and this will save you time.

Sometimes we need to hear what we do not want to hear and that is the truth and the reality. To progress you need to justify your results and make sure you are doing income producing activities. When you set aside time for your on line work switch off your Skype, email, Facebook all your distractions and use your time to do the activities below.

On Line Work Income producing activities

  • Creating your personalised auto responder messages
  • Feed your mind with positive webinars from your leaders
  •  Motivational videos audios
  • Writing a Blog Post
  • Doing a Solo
  • Advert in a Magazine
  • Making Videos
  • MLSP training videos with leaders
  • Focus on only one traffic source pick only one that you enjoy doing
  • Master that strategy then you can move onto the next one
  • MLSP has great training for you pick one strategy and master it

On line Work non Income producing Activities

  • Spending to mush time on Facebook
  • New Traffic Strategy videos that you are getting sent via email and bombarded with
  • Watching Sales videos
  • Getting offered Other business opportunities (say no)

On Line Work Success

On the internet you are getting bombarded with the latest and greatest traffic solution and the newest opportunity that is going to make you rich over night. Now these are all marketers trying to sell you their products, you need to FOCUS on only one Homebusiness and not get distracted by any other opportunities. You need to switch off and say no to all the distractions.

The Secret Secrets for a Homebusiness

tips on working from home

This is very important if you want to create success online. The biggest biggest secret of secrets is to grow as an individual and be thankful for what you have right now. If you are feeling depressed just imagine that you did not even exists as a person this should start to make you feel better. Just been alive is a bonus no matter how bad your situation or problem is. As this is way better than been dead and berried. We need to be grateful for what we have and not be ungrateful.

Be a normal human been and be honest and show who you really are as people want to see the real you. To create online success in your Homebusiness you need to have a clear picture on what you want to attain what lifestyle do you want to have?  Focus on your lifestyle it’s not the Business Opportunity that makes you successful it’s not the latest SEO workshop that you have just attended. It’s not the latest Google traffic secret, or the latest Solo advert there is no perfect plan for everyone.

Homebusiness Mindset

Stick to your one Homebusiness opportunity and create the correct mind set. Read books  that will feed your personal growth, mindset will get you to success not just skill.

When you become more focused you become more ambitious the reality is that 95% of people fail online and that is because people lack focus and run around in circles. Sometime we need to admit to ourselves that we are wrong and need to make some changes to get back on the correct path.

A Homebusiness is still a people business and connect with people on your list share your story with them share what you are about be honest and straight up. People want to build a relationship with you, We learn through our failures in life keep on failing your way to success. Do not question your leaders suggestions, believe in your business, standup for yourself, get failure out of your mindset. Become a copy cat with regards to your leaders Model there behaviour but with your own personality. Copy their broadcast emails and personalise them with your own personal touch, be consistent and add value, if your are getting unsubscribes then you are doing great just keep on going.

tips on working from home


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