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How can I level up in business?

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Level up in business

David Ingham – Success Diaries – 6 June 2020

level up in business

I was on a Face book live with Jeffrey David Gamble and Brandee speaking about relationships, energy, power, leadership, flow and how do you “level up” , love that phrase level up it reminds me of Mario Cart when you get a boost and achieve a certain level and is so much fun.

There was an interesting topic of discussion on how do people treat you? And if at all possible treat them better than they treat you. Its not an easy thing to do but do your best and you will reap the rewards of having a pleasing personality.

So how do you level up in your business?

Jeffery David Gamble teaches us to isolate certain people that drain your energy and totally disconnect from people who are constantly negative and make you feel bad.

We all hold onto destructive relationships as your human behaviour is to keep you safe and stuck in the same situation. You need to break free from draining and negative relationships.

Relationships and growth

How do you get away from a destructive relationship? Who are you spending your time with? Is this person adding anything positive at all into my life what are they bringing to the table? What value are they bringing to the relationship, are the people positive, negative are they contributing new things in your life, are they growing. Be careful of complaining, bitching, and negative people and associates.

Participate in the truth and if you want to move up, you need to find new friends associates, relationships that will serve you to level up.

What is programming you right now?

Nothing is by accident, you can learn a lot about yourself and people by asking them what books are you they reading? What have they read in the last year? What shows on TV are they watching.

Your income level will match the sum of your closest five best friends. By raising your standard and awareness you have to move up, you will be like your surroundings, surround yourself with people who have got what you want. Look at the relationship they have with their kids and family.

Move to the next level

Am I around the wrong people? How do you get to meet other people?

How do I level up? Just remember you cannot level up straight away, you need to see where you are at right now and what you are earning. So if you are earning £20,000 right now, then look for people that are earning £40,000 and then improve continuously.

Then aim for you next goal, think of the people you want to be around? If you are now earning £40,000 every year look for people who are making £80,000 be with them learn from them.

You need to constantly improve, and to do that you need a system, this is how you will Level up? If you are stuck in a hole the reason is that you have no system or map.

By you improving yourself you improve everyone around you.  When you improve you, you will see everything around you differently and how you are thinking and treating others.

If you cannot save 100 lives then save one, who are you helping? Find a family that you can help.

Get around better people who you want to become, and you will improve.

System for success

Here is the system that Jeffrey David Gamble and Brandee shared with me, enjoy, there are some amazing aha moments and will help you to get started and improve your life.

David how are you?

Thanks for being on the show today!

Here are the basics to the system

Find half a dozen things that make people successful in your industry or company?

For instance

  • Personal development
  • Contacting
  • Presentations
  • People attending events

Then assign a number to each that is the minimum standard to produce a reasonable result

Once you have half a dozen things written down to produce a reasonable result and you have the reasonable numbers also known as the benchmark or standard.

Then track what you are doing, Are your activities at least at the standard?

Each week increase your numbers, now you are tracking your growth.

Please let me know if you have any questions?


Thank you,

David Ingham

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