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How to Create a successful mindset and win

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Online success and a successful mindset to win

My name is David Ingham and I live in the UK and an Internet marketer and looking to help others make money online. Have a look at my blog Work from Home Career I have a great affiliate program called Karatbars International that I am passionate about you may like it and maybe buy it.

I can across a great person named Frank Kern who is a professional Internet marketer you will find this Blog post inspiring and you will see the power of your imagination that was shared by Frank Kern.

Are you looking for massive success then let me paint you a picture : )

Are you looking to be more, have more, are you fed up with your life. Are you looking to make a massive change or shift a massive positive shift. 

Are you looking to create momentum to create massive action create change, have a major break through become a winner, high achiever, make friends easy, successfully thinking, successful mind set, total control, free to live. success online, instant success, win big, become a winner, change now, learn to be rich, learn to be wealth, teach me to be successful.

Are you working 40 – 60 hours per week don’t have any time to have fun, you earn good money and you are married with children and you have an OK house but just not quite big enough for the whole family and drive an OK car but you want more. 

You are looking for a lifestyle where you can meet cool people and be humble and happy You want to feel like James Bond like a Rock Star. 

Find out who you really are as we all have two characters one that goes to work and the one that what’s the lifestyle and freedom of success and friendships. 

When you tap into your true self you can want and find others that match your true identity.

Play a game with me here and Imagine what is your ideal day if there where no limitations? 

What time would you wake up? 

What would you think about? 

Where would you live? 

What would your house look like? 

What time would you wake up? 

What would you do in the morning? 

What would you have for breakfast? 

Taking the kids to school what does that make you feel like what are you saying in your head? 

What would you spend the first half of the day doing? 

What would you have for lunch?  

Who would you eat with? 

What would your friends be like? 

What would you talk about? 

Something in the lines of: Talk about a Celebration and how cool it is to be together. 

What would you do for personal fulfillment? 

What life purpose will you stride for? 

What would your business be? 

What time would you start work? 

What will you do at work? 

What are your clients like? 

What is your relationships like? 

What would you do for family time?

What would you have for dinner? 

Where would you eat? 

Who would you eat with? 

What would you talk about? 

What would you do at night? 

Who should you do it with? 


What would your thoughts be as you went to sleep? 

These questions are all based on desired experiences not goals or things remember our experiences help shape our identity.

Here is an example of what experience i would have when i wake up in the morning:

The birds will be singing the sun will be shinning and I can hear the waves breaking on the shore just outside my window with the breeze blowing through the trees in my garden the children are playing and I am relaxed having a coffee in bed with Sharleen.  

So what is your true identity?

To have a great lifestyle live where the sun shines meed great people that are easy to work with and fun and we create great products together and make money by helping other become more successful.


Have a lifestyle of freedom and contribution.


I will Write Part 2 Tomorrow How to Create a successful mindset and win




David Ingham


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I am an online enthusiast, Project Manager and family man helping people create Financial Freedom and earn a Full Time Internet Income. Hence my Blog Work From Home Career, I live in the UK and I love life, rugby, running, snowboarding and Triathlon’s. Are you fed up been broke and looking to learn new skills to become financially free? I have teamed up with Successful Mentors that are ready to help you succeed.

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