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How to start a Blog and Make Money

Make Money from Blogging

How to start a Blog and Make Money


I do an affiliate program called Karatbars and my main purpose for my blog Work from Home Career.

Is to create leads for my online business.


I get asked: “What does your affiliate program provide what are the benefits”?


As for most MLM and affiliate programs what are they actually selling, besides the product or service?


Key Tip: You are selling the result of the product. (Enhancements to life)

As if I say to you: “David you can buy Gold in 1 Gram portions and create a Gold savings plan”.

This might not peak your curiosity.


But if I say “Hey David would you like to spend more time with your family and friends,

go travel and go on holidays”. “And not wake up with an alarm clock, and not worry about the cost of anything”.


This will makes the person be more curious and catches their excitement.


Blog and Make Money

How to Make Money from Blogging


How to start a Blog and Make Money first you need to determine what your target market is going to be.

This is very important as you want to build relationships with people

who you want to work with, and not have any objections.


You want to have is high level conversations of good quality and with cool people :)

My target audience for my blog is:

  • People who are struggling in Network Marketing
  • Prospects who are fed up in their day job
  • Prospects who are looking for a career change
  • Prospects who want to create a better lifestyle for their families
  • Prospects who want to break free from the rat race


This is my niche and target market that I am speaking to directly.


If you go look at my blog on the right you will see my lead page.

My main purpose for my blog is to build my email list of subscribers.


My copy writing is targeted to my target audience/ niche as seen below.

Spend some time so you can talk directly to your target audience.

Get inside you targets markets head, you can build a blog for any business this way

and make money from blogging.


How to Make Money on a blog

how to make money on a blog


Here is my example of my copy writing below this is a the way how to start a Blog and Make Money.


Are You Fed up in your Day Job?

Are you Running Around In Circles trying to make Money Online?

Watch this 6 Min Video

Shows you how to make an Income from Home instead of trading time for money.

This video makes you more IMPORTANT than that!


Next steps on how to start a Blog and Make Money


When you get opt-ins to your list.

You need to build a relationship with your list and build trust.

This will happen over time and you normally start to get conversions

Into sales when your list reaches 1,000 subscribers.

So do not quit keep going and the conversions will come.


Just keep using your auto responder emails and your direct broadcasts to build a relationship with your list.

I use a program called Aweber.


Give away some free training as when you give, help others and add value you will always be rewarded.


Also if you want to learn how to how to start a Blog and Make Money,

in the work from home niche setting set up your navigation menus at the top of your blog is important.

Have a look at my top menu’s I have Home, My Story, Secrets, Testimonials, Work With Me, Contact Us.


In my secrets section I have written over 200 articles from books I have read and training’s I have attended.

I blog about what I have learnt and share that with help others.


Have a sense of mystery about your blog only have one lead page at the top.

You can have another one at the bottom.

(A lead page is where your visitors can place their email address to find out more about your offer)

This is how you build your list.


To your success and abundance.

 creating success


David Ingham

Connect with me on Skype: davesharljd


“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

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