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How to think and grow rich

What is the Secret of Success

What is the secret in think and grow rich

How to think and grow rich

How to think and grow rich? Is a very good Question to ask yourself.

You will find all these answers in the book Think and Grow Rich.

And you might be thinking to yourself. I have read that book before.

And why should i read the book again.


I have listened to the audio version of think and grow rich 30 times.

And I will continue listening, as its attracting the right successful mentors.

And leaders into my life and my Gold Network marketing business.

You can also get the same results.


Every time you read / listen to think and grow rich you will learn something new.

Which could be the “secret ingredient” that you are looking for.


When you get older your priorities change and your senses mature.

You know the saying. “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”.


For me the teacher was how to think and grow rich.

You can get a copy of the books here: Napoleon Hill the law of success.


Think and grow rich video


Here are some powerful principles on how to think and grow rich

  • Creating a thought of what you want, desire and a definite purpose
  • A decision is very powerful and full of emotion.
  • Emotion is an key ingredient to success for your goal.
  • Feel it! See it! Hear it! Taste it! Shout it!
  • Create a  burning desire to attain your goal
  • Know what you want and create a plan to get it
  • Be persistent do not give up keep going until you succeed
  • Build your mastermind group who can help you
  • Create a “money conscious” mind set is key to attract money towards you


Mastermind napoleon hill

I am in Gold Network Marketing and creating success.

With the forming of a mastermind group of successful people.

I have failed and had no success in the past.


As I was a missing the KEY ingredient.

The missing ingredient was “money conscious”

By reading the principle on how to think and grow rich i have created.

A more positive mindset, key to any success.


When you start out in multi network marketing you have to.

Develop the knowledge to become an attractive person.

As people do not join companies they join people.


How to Think and grow rich will help you to develop skills that.

Will accelerate you learning curve to create.

The right posture and leadership qualities essential.

In creating a full time income form home.


Napoleon hill law of success

Money conscious is created by repetition and auto suggestion.

Repetition of your desire for money. If you repeat to yourself every day your goal.

Soon you can see yourself already in possession of the money.


Its important to have the exact amount of money you want to earn.

And when you want to possess this money.

Have a plan in place on what you will give in return for the money.

If you try and fail, make another effort and still another until you succeed.

Success is a “State of Mind” and needs to be practiced and worked on .

Like a muscle in the gym. You need to concentrate and use your imagination.

And visualize the person you want to become.

Focused concentrated effort on want you want.

This will create a burning desire to get  what you want.

And move you into action to attain your goal.

To your success and abundance.

napoleon hill secret


David Ingham

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PS: You can find out more on how to think and grow rich.

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