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New Year 2014

Hello I’m David Ingham and thank you for visiting my blog Work From Home Career and reading my blog post. WOW 2014 is just around the corner, are you excited about the New Year? Well you should be as there are now endless opportunities on the internet, and starting a homebased business and joining an affiliate program, is easier than you think. Below I have some tips for you on how to get yourself in the correct mind set to win, enjoy and come and join us on a journey of a lifetime and create a residual Income.


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Homebusiness Karatbars

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I have been running around in circles for many years but now I have found the ultimate affiliate program called Karatbars International.



Are you ready to create an Internet Income?


Are you looking to find out more about the home based business? Then you have come to the right place. Let me tell you a bit about me first, I was born in Johannesburg South Africa I am 46 years old at the time writing this blog post.  I and married to Sharleen and have Jayden our son and living in Stevenage UK.

The question is are you struggling in your home based business? Are you looking for great support, exciting products, growth and training? I am also learning every day how to become better in building our affiliate business.

I believe there are 6 areas to study teach and participate in to be successful in creating an Internet Income from home.



Health and Fitness

It All Starts With The Basics Of Life:

  1. Get your 7- 8 hours sleep every day
  2. Have good nutrition
  3. Have an exercise plan even if just for 15 minutes a day
  4. Listen to 30 minutes of personal development material every day (Running With The Giants, One Minute Manager, Think and Grow Rich)
  5. Have a good relationship with your family tell them you are there for them
  6. Write down five things that will grow your Homebusiness the night before, then you will be prepared to do them when you wake up.

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The story of my Life

Residual Income

David Ingham

I have had many ups and downs in life and now been living in the UK for 12 years wow how time flies. My day job consists of project management in the youth sector. My team help young people who come from disadvantaged back grounds to engage in positive activities. such as: Dance, Gym Sessions, Singing, Football, Athletics, trips to London Eye, London Dungeons, Thorp Park, Glee productions, Sport days and much more I love what I do.


Table Mountain In Cape Town

tips on working from home

Table Mountain

I was born in South Africa, Johannesburg and shortly afterwards the whole family moved to beautiful Cape Town. If you have not had a chance yet to visit I would suggest you put that on your bucket list as the views and Table Mountain are out of this world.

I grew up in Cape Town and we lived close to the sea, so lots of fishing and diving. I finished my secondary school and completed my Matric (A Levels as known in the UK). I went to college and completed a 3 year diploma in electronics. I served 2 years military service in the Navy as a technical instructor teaching Navy officers basic electronics and  what a great time I had.


I started my first job in Cape Town at the age of 21 as a service engineer repairing computers. I was in this position for 2 years and decided to go travelling through Europe and great experiences. I travel through UK, Germany, France picking grapes working in Ski resorts in Chamonix, Czech Republic worked in a hostel, Belgium, Poland, Holland, Switzerland and went to Spain for the world Expo and for the Barcelona Olympics in 2002 WOW what a blast.


I then decided to go to Canada; USA Portland Origin to visit some of my friends. We did more snowboarding in Mount Hood.  I travelled for about 3 years doing different jobs from helping in the kitchen, picking grapes, teaching English, and working as a chef. I saw that there was a gap in the market for making fresh muffins and quality sandwiches and decided to start up my own Muffin and Sandwich business in Cape Town.  I ran this business for 4 years and sold it in 1999, as most of my friends were going to the UK to do computer contracting work and the pay was really good in the nineties.


I did my MCSE (Micro Soft Systems Engineer qualification and joined my friends in the UK. But I was in for a big surprise the contract market after the millennium crashed and I had to settle for a permanent job and not earning £40 per hour as expected.


This was my first job in the UK which was a blessing in disguise as I was trained in Jdewards financial software. I work in the corporate world for about 5 years until I went consulting as Jdewards consultant. Things did not go well as the industry changed and I found myself unemployed for 1 year which was tough as I had a family and needed to still pay the bills.


I got into dept and was not in a good place, I was blaming everyone else for my circumstances which did not help. When I decided to take responsibility for my life thing started to change. From working in Nando’s to computer help desk and then into Project Management which I am doing today.

I am still doing my Project Management work and running my blog Work From Home Career and helping people get started in a homebased business.

Marketing and Internet Marketing

How do you promote your online business? I have a group of mentors that help us create leads on the internet with step by step training and we can help you to create leads online. As your online business will change forever when you start to generate 10 -20 leads per/day and create a Residual Income for you and your family. Always be polite and friendly and when you find someone doing something right complement them. In the book The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard can help you learn new skills and build relationships.

I am building my list online as they say the fortune is in the list . We use lead capture pages and Aweber, if this does not sound familiar for you that is ok as we will help you set this up for you. The internet has changed so much in the last couple of years and now social media plays an important role. I will post more articles on my blog to help you, so keep coming back to find new articles.

Communication is Key online and Off Line

This would come under networking also. If you don’t know how to engage in a conversation either face to face or over the phone then how can you truly build a business?

Get good at communication and for this skill I found a guy called Tim Sales, Big Al and Jim Rohn. They have amazing products that can help you. Jim Rohn is one of the most successful speakers and teachers, you can learn a lot from them. There will be others so hunt for good teachers and get this skill.

Keep learning its fun some great resources for you

Great books I read on this were:-

Rich dad poor dad series

The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

One Minute Manager

Think And Grow Rick

The Compound Effect


Self Belief can I start a Homebusiness

“The Man Who Succeeds is Not Necessarily The Most Talented Or the Most Knowledgeable But The Man Who Believes He Will” and the man/woman who does by doing as the skill comes from the doing.


It takes time but working every day will start to build this and you have to start some where.

“Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities… because it is the quality which guarantees all others”

Winston Churchill


Work on yourself belief as without it you just will not `win the home business war. I promise! 

Learn new Business Skills

Remember to listen to personal development material every day for 30 minutes

Some Great teachers for this are

Tony Robbins

Jack Canfield

Stephen Covey

Tim Sales

Never, never, never give up Winston Churchill 

Have Persistance do not Give Up


“I Will Keep Going Until It Works For Me –However Long That Takes”


If you take the above statement as your mantra then success is 100% guaranteed. 100%!


If you take the points in this article with you and action them. But just tell yourself that you will keep going no matter how long it takes. Learn, Grow, Develop and take Massive Action daily, weekly, monthly. I will also be here to assist you with my mentors.


In the book ‘Think and grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill there is a whole chapter on this one subject and for good reason. Get that book, read that chapter over and over again. I read it at least once a month to remind me of what I need to keep doing.


Winston Churchill never contemplated the thought of giving up – EVER! And he instilled this into the British armed forces and public.

Adopt This Attitude In Your Home Business Battles and You Will Win Too!


PS: Partner with a successful team

David Ingham

About David Ingham (2951 Articles)
I am an online enthusiast, Project Manager and family man helping people create Financial Freedom and earn a Full Time Internet Income. Hence my Blog Work From Home Career, I live in the UK and I love life, rugby, running, snowboarding and Triathlon’s. Are you fed up been broke and looking to learn new skills to become financially free? I have teamed up with Successful Mentors that are ready to help you succeed.

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