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Jim Rohn network marketing

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Jim Rohn network marketing

Hello there to all my readers I love Jim Rohn.

As his principles on Network Marketing.

Can help you build a profitable homebased business.

Jim Rohn network marketing has philosophies that can change your thinking.

Here is a great phrase: “Profits are better that wages”.

You can start this miracle business part time and make a fortune.

There is a magic working part time and learning new skills.


And you can earn more part time, as on your full time job.

I have found a way with a unique opportunity where I make twice.

As much money part time, as I make on my full time job.


Now this is a great recruiting tool for your Network marketing business.

Working part time can be a very attractive invitation.

For people to have a look at your business.


Jim Rohn network marketing and setting the sail

network marketing jim rohn

The wind blows on us all. What is important is how you set the sail on better thinking.

Correct the errors of the past and learn new disciplines for the future.

If you wish to, you can make some changes and the next two years can be.

Drastically different from the last two years.

This is what it’s called “opportunity”


You need to know that you can change.

You need to seek for the knowledge, go to the seminar, read the book.

Change it is possible for you if you wish to.


It’s not the blowing of the wind the makes the opportunity it’s the set of the sail.

Here is how the last 6000 years went by.

Opportunity mixed with difficulty. The mix will not change

After expansion comes recession and after recession comes expansion.

For things to change you have to change.


Jim Rohn building your network marketing business

Do not wish it was easier, with you where better.

Do not wish for less problems, wish for more skills.

Do not wish for fewer challenges, but develop wisdom to overcome the challenge.

Humans can do the most remarkable things no matter what happens.


The law of averages by Jim Rohn network marketing

Key Point: if you do something often enough a ratio will appear.

The law of averages if you speak to 10 and get one.

Now a ratio has appeared.


Now you can compete when you have a ratio.

You learn more by losing than by winning.

I learnt this by Jim Rohn network marketing


Once I understand the numbers. I can make up in numbers that I lack in skill.

The law of averages can be increased by practice.


I learned the law of sowing and reaping by Jim Rohn network marketing


The sewer was ambitious and had excellent seed.

The excellent seed can be your product or opportunity.

The first part of story is the birds are going to get some of the seed.


e.g: I invite John to a meeting but john did not come to the meeting.

John had a great idea to go to a meeting but someone spoke to him.

And said are you going to a network marketing business?

And then decides not to come to the meeting.


Some will get taken by the birds and will not come to the meeting.

So just remember that the birds will get some.

That is just the way it’s going to be.


So just recognise that, and keep sowing the seed.

The seed will also fall on rocky ground on a hot day.

And the plant withers and dies.


e.g: I get john started and all of a sudden he quits.

And he is gone and I said: “I thought that john would at least last more than a week.

What do you say? “That is very interesting and you cannot change that”.

How come some just last. Here is the answer some just will not stay.

Here is the secret for the ambitious sewer.


network marketing jim rohn

TOP TIP: Jim Rohn network marketing: You got to discipline your disappointments.


The seed also falls on thorny ground. The Thorns will choke the plant and the plant will die.

People who let little things cheat them out of major opportunities.

And you cannot do anything about it it’s just the way it is.


The sewer keeps sowing the seed, keeps sharing the presentation.

And finally the seed falls on good ground it always will.

If you share a good idea long enough you will attract good people.


“Image courtesy of [artur84] /“.


You will have people that will join your network marketing business.

Who will do 30% some will do 60% and some will do 100%.

You cannot get the 30% to do 100% just let them be.


List of skills by Jim Rohn network marketing

  • Developing a new philosophy that I can do it.
  • Making a sale changed my life.
  • If you share a product and show them it’s the best and get some testimonials and share that.
  • Simply sharing with someone else and to see if they want to participate.
  • Learning how to give a presentation.
  • Following up
  • When you start a new life you need to nourish it like a mother and protection like a father.


Been the bridge for your team.

From having no confidence to confidence.

You are the bridge from the shadows to the sun light.


You have the answers and you help then cross the bridge.

You can help them see themselves better than they are.


The secret to wealth and fortune is to serve the many.

Find a way to serve the many as service to many leads to greatness.


To your success and abundance.

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David Ingham

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