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Hi there to my readers it’s a great day today as I have just bought some Gold but this is special 24 Karat gold and 999.9 pure would you like some then carry on reading :)


I am an affiliate with a company called Karatbars International and they sell gold in 1 Gram portions so it’s easy to start a savings plan in gold. As if you want to buy gold it normally is in 1 ounce portions which is around $1300 and out of reach for most investors. Karatbars makes it affordable to start a savings plan. You can purchase one gram for $65 this will be tracked with the current gold price.


Karatbars Introduction video

Watch the introdution video below to get an overview of the company and what they do.

different ways to invest in gold
Gold Savings Plan

The great part about Karatbars is you are just exchanging your paper money for a gold savings plan. This is very different to other online programs where you buy a product like juices and pills. With Karatbars you are purchasing Gold and securing your financial future. You can sell your Gold at any time and earn a profit this is a game changer.

You can also create a savings plan in Gold for family members; just imagine if you save 4 grams of Gold for 5 years you will have 240 grams of Gold. You will have a way better return than putting your money in the bank. This can be a great start for any young person in your family and set them up for in a sound financial footing.


Karatbars is an Ecommerce company and different from MLM as you do not need to qualify for any sales to be eligible for commissions and you can open up an account for free :)

How is your start to the New Year going? Are you looking for a Homebased business and start creating an on line income? Them come and partner with me.

Digital Gold

how can i buy gold
Karatbars 1 gram Gold Cards


Are you ready to get started in Karatbars International it’s easy to create a free Affiliate account and get started. We have a team skype room that is open 24/7 for any questions and a step by step training website to get you started quickly.








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