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Karatbars 30 Days Team Challenge

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Karatbars Team Competition


20 New Team Members in 30 days Video


Below is the documnet that was explained on the Video above

Karatbars 30 Days Team Challenge

Hello Team David Ingham here: )

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David Ingham Karatbars Gold Cards

 I am so excited to announce a competition that I have launched today for my team. I have some great prizes to give to you : ) It’s going to be loads of fun.

The 30 day challenge…I want you to look at these 7 areas and calculate what this could financially be worth to you. Add it altogether and decide if a 30 day burst of energy is worth it to you!!  Plus remember I will be giving some AWESOME prizes for the person who sponsors the most new team members who purchases a package, keep reading.

What would it be worth to you if you could recruit 20 new people into your business in a 30 day period?

– Upfront commissions? $

– Other bonuses? $

– 12 Month earnings? $

– Lifetime earnings? $

– Rank advancement and value? $

– Example to your team? $

– Reputation/Prestige? $

– Then total this amount – $


So if you are with us….commit to changing your life professionally and personally in the next 30 days.


Competition Details

  1. The competition will start today 4 March 2014 and will end 2nd April 2014.
  2. Sponsor as many team members as possible in the 30 day period. All new team members need to purchase a Karatbars Package for you to qualify for a prize.
  3. The team member who sponsors the most team members who have bought a package will win the top prize.
  4. Keep track of who you sponsor and what package they have purchased as I will need these details to be emailed to me on the 2nd April 14 to deliver the prizes, good luck and have some fun.
  5. I will be creating a Blog post and video of this document, lets share this on social media Twitter, Facebook, G+ and get it out there. Let’s make it go viral as the more people we can share this competition with the bigger your team will grow and helps us all.

Competition Prizes

I will deliver the following Prizes

  1. First prize will be €400 and One Gram Gold Card of your choice.
  2. Second Prize will be €300 and One Gram Gold Card of your choice.
  3. Third Prize will be €200 and One Gram Gold Card of your choice.
  4. There will also be prizes for team members who have sponsored two new team members and who have purchased a package.


Thanks Team let’s get started looking forward to hearing your success stories on how you are getting on share your success with me on my Blog.

I will also be doing the competition for some fun but you get the prizes : )

I will also be blogging my progress so keep an eye on my blog and comment and ask questions: )


Let’s go change some lives for the better click here to find out more.


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Get motivated




David Ingham



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  1. Hello Karatbars Team Welcome to the 30 Days Challenge getting 20 New Team members in 20 days.

    I am here to help you please leave your comments and share you success stories.

    Have a good look at the video above as I have some awesome prizes :)


    David Ingham

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  2. Real great David nice motivation for all the team members! I’m going to do my best to win something haha

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  3. Great David nice motivation for all the team members! looking forward to see how far I can get in this Competition!

    Fired Up!

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  4. Hey David. Great idea! I am SO going to compete. Already shared it on my Facebook fan page and about to share it to my list etc.

    Fired up now! :D

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