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Notes from Karatbars Event in London 25 March 2017

Karatbars save in Gold

There was a great comparison between an ISA savings plan and a Gold savings plan with Karatbars, as Gold always appreciates over time. Where would you save your money?

What do the wealthy do? They buy appreciating assets Gold, the Bank of England holds over £250 Billion reserves of Gold.

Success Blueprint – Ben

Find your purpose in life, discover you – Why do you exist? What problem are you here to solve? You need to believe in your purpose, then people will believe and follow you.

Wealth is the accumulation of resources Gold.

Four key points for the Success Blueprint

1.  Find your Purpose, find your why, find one thing that inspires you and change your life – you can make a difference – for example my why is to help people to open a Gold saving account with Karatbars and to build their store of wealth.
2. Then say it with Passion
3. Wealth is the accumulation of resources
4. Use a system
5. Find a mentor to guide you and hold you accountable

Speaker – Sam

Sam shared his story how he got introduced into Karatbars

Sam got a call by one of his friends asking if he know anything about Gold? And he said no not Really. And his Friend said, I have a friend who saves in Gold in small dominations this peaked Sam’s curiosity and he wanted to find out more.

Sam registered his free Gold saving account and started to learn the Karatbars business, within 3 days he started to register people, a few people started to save in Gold, in 30 days Sam had registered 130 people and kept sharing the message about saving in Gold and getting a Karatbars Gold savings plan.

Sam connected with his community and started to build a team. You need to keep going do not give up, you will need to talk to 100 people to find 2 good people. If you talk to people and they do not want to join, leave them as they will join you later on in your Karatbars business.

Money Mind set

Get your mind in tune, your beliefs = your confidence
Thoughts = Power

Create new beliefs

1. Money is great
2. Money flows freely to me
3. I live a life of abundance

Karatbars the key success factor is to have a good feeling about your business.

Thomas Brenner – Director of International Operations

4 ways your life can run (Please and Thank you are important values)

1. Poor and unhappy – in these situations you learn the most
2. Poor but happy
3. Rich but unhappy
4. Rich and Happy

An Ideal activity is to do the right thing right and do it often – have a mission and vision.

When you join Karatbars start immediately

1. Work close with your sponsor
2. Burn inside and Talk about your business
3. Get a goal that inspires you, excites your motivation
4. Get inside motivation a Personel goal
5. Have a mission ensure that all people can own Gold and have a good feeling about it
6. Check your attitude – Talk about your mission, talk about your business, you must like people
7. What is your normal way of operation – to help people
8. Use your thoughts, energy get a picture of your goal, what do you want, have a picture, put the picture where you can see it in the morning in the afternoon and in the evening. So your first thought in the morning is your goal and when you go to sleep you are thinking of your goal. Example To help people get a Karatbars savings plan.

This must be always on your mind and what you focus on develops.

Goal = your dominate thoughts will come true

Share your success with people who are important, rejoice and smile more than others

Most important key success factor is to have a good heart ❤️ you are a winning be rich and Happy

Even Donald Trump asks his tenants to pay him in Gold as he knows its an appreciating asset – therefore every one should start saving a bit of their money into Gold.

Why are wealthy people wealthy? They leverage systems have ideas and put them on paper. Have a money mind set change your beliefs about money. The power of your thoughts through words are powerful. What are your thoughts about money?

Change then to money is fantastic, I love money

Tammy Morrison tips

Do not let your down line dictate your success.

It’s our mission to share the Gold savings plan with everyone. Do not give up, find other people to work with with, do not make it hard enjoy yourself, you are amazing, tie into your vision, we must help each other, my heart beat is to help people save in Gold one big Gold family. Save people from the system of debt with Gold.

Packages create cash flow, Gold saving creates residual income.

Set targets goals, be careful of the voice in your head that stops you to achieve your dreams. You are in hate of your story, keys to success, focus, consistency, Momentum and time.

Cherylanne Gober

Karatbars mantra: we save money in Gold and Make money. Secret to success is to be with people smarter that you. Share truth with people share your vision your success love them to success. Never quit on your people, never forget about your blue bubbles in your back office.

Success – always Remember where you came from, big hug say thank you, success leaves clues, passion, focus, system and purpose.

Get around people – get inspired

Develop your skills – philosophy
You are growing and learning
When we face diversity we blame everyone
Reinvent ourselves
And over come
Be prepared and be strong
Build a big Gold reserve

1 1 3 the Golden brick formula

1=business package
1=gram of Gold per month
3= get 3 people who do the same over 12 months

Lets do it together you want duplication together, when you sign up someone in Karatbars these are the things you need to do to make your business duplicatable.

1. Invitation
2. Presentation- video, webinar
3. 3 way conversion will your up line leader

Lets do it together ❤ – When you get someone to join Karatbars show them the back office and do the 5 steps on how to get started actually do this together as this is very powerful as this will duplicated through your team. Get them plugged in.

Building a list is your stock of your business.

List building idea’s get started fast.

Example get the top 25 names for each of these below

1. Teachers
2. Coaches
3. Pastors
4. Six figure earners
5. Community leaders

People follow people, who are confident and know where they are going.
Peak people’s interest and then zip it and send them to a video presentation.

As soon as you start talking it’s not duplicatable

Some numbers for you contact at least 40 people from your list just remember everyone wants Gold

Use your invitation script:

Are you saving in GOLD yet?
What do you know about GOLD?
Do you Like Gold?

If you could get Paid to Save your money in Gold would you be interested in learning how? Boooooooooom

Then point them to a video and zip it say no more until they have watched the video – must follow up straight away after they have watched the video or presentation – connect them with an up line leader to get all there questions answered.

Develop a culture of inclusiveness
Develop a culture of support
Develop a culture of winning
Develop a culture of recognition
Develop an event driven culture

Build momentum in 90 day cycles.

Awesome team hope you find this helpful upwards and onwards,

Love to all

David Ingham

Karatbars Gold savings account





PS: Get your Karatbars Gold savings account here

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