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Karatbars International and Gold

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 Karatbars International and Gold

My name is David Ingham and I am a project manager and live in the UK I am doing some research on wealth, banks, gold and investing. I have teamed up with a group of Internet Marketers who are educating me on the value of money and investing in Gold.

I have created my own blog Work From Home Career to connect with people who are interested to working online or work from home and create incomes through the internet. As this gives you the flexibility to live anywhere in the world all you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Karatbars International


Paper Money has no future Invest in Gold Karatbars International

I have come across a great video called Hidden Secrets of Money vs Currency from Mike Maloney this is very important information if you want to be educated on money and what the future holds for all of us.

We can be ahead of the curve and protect ourselves and others from future financial crisis which is just going to get worse. How much more money can the governments print bailing out banks stimulus packages quantitative easing our money is becoming less and less and this will only get worse.

This just gives governments an opportunity to print more money to bail out the bankers who caused the financial crisis. Play close attention as there is always an opportunity when there is a financial crisis and there is more coming.

Your true wealth is Your Time and Freedom to do what you want with your time. Money is just a means of trading your time it’s a container to store your economic energy until you ready to use it. The whole world has been turned away from real money and has been fooled into using currency.

Currency is no longer backed by Gold and governments are printing more money than they can pay back and soon there will be another financial collapse. Currency is silently stealing your most two valuable assets your time and your freedom.

We are entering a period of financial crisis that is the greatest the world has ever known. The wealth transfer that will take place during this decade is the greatest wealth transfer in history. Wealth is never destroyed is merely transferred. That means on the opposite of every crisis there is opportunity. The great news is that all you have to do is change this crisis into your great opportunity is to educate yourself.

Gold and Silver is a great start to secure your future as in the past countries used Gold and Silver as currency. Gold and Silver always goes up and therefore gives you a great investment. If you saved in Gold 10 years ago an ounce was around $400 and now one ounce is around $1300 so you can see your return is very good.

The problem with money is not backed up with gold anymore and there for there no control on what gets printed is called a fiat currency not backed up by anything. This is a big problem as well, when will the printing of money stop? Currency now purchases less and less.

Now you can see that saving in Gold and Silver can give you some protection for the future.

Saving in Gold

  • Gold is the ultimate money and has been with us for thousands of years.
  • Gold is of great value and has outperformed the FTSE100 and DOW in the last 100 years
  • Gold and Silver price is going to increase as it’s a real currency

I believe the best investment that you can make in your lifetime is your own education on the history of money, on Finance, and on the global economy, how all the central bankers and stock market work and how they can cheat you and scam you.

If you learn what is going on and how the financial world works you can put yourself on the correct side of this wealth transfer. Winston Churchill once said. “The further you look into the past the further you can see into the future”.

So if you can see into the future you can create this crisis into your opportunity.

There is a company called Karatbars International that offers a solution for you where you can purchase one gram of Gold at a time and exchange your worthless money into Gold currency. You can open a free Gold savings account and start securing your financial future.

Karatbars is based in Germany and also offers a great affiliate program to those who want to help others to save in Gold. Please have a look at my Blog for more information on Karatbars this is a great opportunity for you.

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There is going to be another financial crisis so prepare yourself and start investing in Gold. 


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