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Karatbars International and making money online

Saving in Gold and Karatbars International

Thanks for stopping by at my blog Work From Home Career I just want to be true to you from the start. I am not an expert on the internet or in Marketing and I do not have any secret one push button software thats going to make you rich over night. But I can promise you that I will be give you the honest truth and guide you to the solutions you are looking for. I have had the privilage to team up with great mentors who have guided me on a path that is working and I want to share that will you.

I have in the last 4 minth discovered that to be your true authentic self can even make you look vunerable and that is ok as we all have our insecurities. Being who you are is the best thing you can do for you business and your business will prosper as a result.

This is what I have found to be true about  a company in Germany call Karatbars

What is Karatbars you must be thinking? It’s a company that is thinking about your future and makes Gold Cards with one Gram of Gold Embedded in the card the Gold is 24 Karat and is 999.9% pure and has a LBMA (London  Bullion Market Association) stamp which approves the Gold refinery.

Karatbars Gold Cards

Karatbars Christmas Cards

Karatbars Christmas Cards

These cards track the Gold price and at present a 1 Gram Card will cost you $65 you can also purchase 2,5 gram cards and 5 Gram cards the more you purchase the less the price per Gram.

Karatbars International also has collector Cards such as the Football World Cup in 2014 in Brazil which over time will exceed there purchase value.


Karatbars can be a great opportunity for you, come and explore the opportunity. We will be happy to help you, I have been working with two mentors one from South Africa and from Australia and they are experienced Internet Marketers who are helping me step by step and they can help you to.

 Our Team Has Explosive Growth Protection Through Gold

Wow it’s been a great 4 months journey with Karatbars International our team has grown to over 4000 people. I get the opportunity to meet new people and create relationships along the way. Karatbars is a great online business and to protect your wealth at the same time by saving in Gold.

Are you saving for your Future?

Have you got an investment strategy? Are you saving some of your money and where are you investing? As if you have been doing your research you will see that the economies of most countries are struggling due to the banking crisis in 2009. Educate yourself and look to see what your best options are. As the dollar is loosing value and the USA is not considered the Power House any more. Have a look at Mike Maloney’s video Hidden Secrets Of Money and you will be enlightened to see what the future holds for us all. Get prepared for what will happen, you can protect yourself and your family.

Investing in Gold

Investing professionals know that Gold is a great commodity to save in and with Karatbars International you can create a savings plan in Gold. Karatbars also offers a great affiliate program for those that want to share the good news with others and help people protect themselves through saving in Gold with Karatbars International.

The Future is Bright with Karatbars

I feel so proud to be part of such a great group of people with our protection through Gold team and our leaders who are ready to get your questions answered and help you on the path of financial freedom for you and your families. Gold has always been a great way to invest and in the last 10 Years Gold has gone up 5 times . The great thing about Karatbars is that everyone knows what Gold is and if you ask anyone if they would like some they would say yes. So just imagine how big your market is so you can share the Karatbars opportunity with every one all over the world.

Karatbars Team is ready to help you

At present Karatbars has over 80,000 affiliates and operates in over 100 countries all will are looking for is you to spread the word and protect people’s future and wealth with Gold. All we need is you to help us spread the word around the world.

We have the following in place to help you get started


1: Team Skype room open 24/7 with leaders to get your questions answered

2: Password protected training area

3: Google Hangouts with leaders on how to build your Karatbars business

4: Sales funnel and lead capture pages

Come and join us on a journey of a lifetime

Please connect with me on Skype: Davesharljd


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