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Karatbars International online review

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Karatbars International online review Protection Through Gold Team

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Hello thanks for taking your time to read my work from home career online blog.

I recently got involved in the most exciting online business, home based business that I have ever been part of.


The main reasons why Karatbars International is the best online opportunity are:

  • Gold is the best investment as the Dollar is getting weaker
  • The Gold price always goes up over time
  • Your money is better protected in Gold
  • The Karatbars corporate culture supports the Affiliates
  • The team support is fantastic
  • Free training on how to sponsor people into your business
  • Step by step training on how to market on the internet
  • How to create lead capture pages and link to Aweber
  • 24/7 team skype room access
  • Access to the top earners in our protection through Gold team
  • Access to mentors that want your success


Karatbars international is the best online affiliate program where you can save in one gram portions of Gold. Which makes saving in Gold accessible to all. One gram is priced at 48 Euro’s at present, Karatbars international head office is based in Germany with the CEO Harold Siez leading the company forward and expanding now into 137 countries and growing.

Karatbars Gold Investing

Are you looking for a company which makes sense by helping people save and get a commission when they by Gold and we are all winners as if everyone starts saving money is moving hands and the economy will get stronger.

In traditional network marketing you by products and services and always have to be qualified in Karatbars international there are no qualifications and no hidden monthly charges. Karatbars is not a MLM or network  marketing opportunity it’s an affiliate program similar to Amazon where you get a commission when someone buys a product and in the case of Karatbars you help people to create a savings plan in gold and exchange their worthless paper money in to Gold money.

How does one join Karatbars International and what do you need to open up a free Karatbars savings account. You have two options you can become an affiliate or a customer when you become an affiliate you get paid when you help other save in Gold.


All you need to do is create your account which you can do here and select customer or Affilate and complete the registration form. You then select a package if you are going as an affiliate either Bronze, Silver, Gold or VIP I would suggest VIP if you can or select at lease Silver and upgrade to VIP when you can. Here is a step by step video on how to register.


Please connect with me if you have any questions  I am here to help you and I believe the Karatbars International opportunity is the best home base business.


Come lock arms with me and come join us o an adventure of a lifetime


Karatbars International and the protection Through Gold team


David Ingham

Skype: Davesharljd



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