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Hi there David Ingham here :)

I am so excited and pumped about Karatbars International, if this is your first time that you have see Karatbars wow you are in a great position as we have the best business on the planet and the best team support. Motivation can get you only so far and sooner or later you run out of hope and energy. I have tried a number of affiliate programs and MLM’s and have had some successes and Failures.

It’s important to have a group of people, a mastermind group who is there to help you along your journey to success, this creates a form of community that gives you power and hope. As you see others who have had past failures and now are on the path to success.


Karatbars International is an Affiliate based company in Germany offering anyone the chance to save in Gold at 1 Gram portions so making it possible for all to save in Gold. Plus there is a great affiliate program to help others exchange their worthless paper money into Gold and get paid for helping others save. The Karatbars International business ticks all the right boxes for a home based business and online opportunity come and join us.


Look at the Karatbars Card they are a great marketing tool as well


Karatbars Cards


Come join our Team Protection Through Gold (Karatbars International) simple formula click here and Join us on an adventure of a Lifetime  :) 


Go for the GOLD! karatbars! 

Well now that you know a little bit about me and have had a chance to get a peak into what we are doing with Karatbars, I trust you are excited as I am about this business…as one team member told me… 

if you aren’t excited…


tell me where the wake is and I’ll send flowers!


Over the last year and a half we have had a roller coaster ride of success 

and challenges that have brought us to where we are today. Maybe you 

have had a similar journey and are looking for a team that will support you, 

encourage you and help you stay FOCUSED on the important things.


We are TOTALLY focused on the Karatbars business and we will not let 

all the new “Shiny Things” distract us from achieving the goals we have


as a team… this includes YOUR SUCCESS! 


What can you expect from this team?


Education… this is what will keep you focused and change your life!

Training… learn how to market like a pro no matter how long you have been working online!

Support… whether it is via Skype or email… we are here to help you with questions. 


We are not a team that will leave you out to dry once you join us… 

this is a journey we are all taking together and everyone is in it together!. 


All of our success is linked so we are bringing everyone along together! 


Click Here to Get Started Today


Get started and you will not regret this action…. I promise and I’ll back it with GOLD!! ;-) 


P.S. Our education system teaches us to work alone… but in reality life

is about team work… we are all here to work together and build each other up!


Your’re Time Is NOW..! 

Connect with Me on Skype: Davesharljd



You ain’t seen NOTHING YET!


PS. What would it do for you to create a MILLION DOLLARS!!!??   (hint)  ;)


Look at starting a home based business Join us here:

protection through gold

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