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Karatbars international gold

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Karatbars International company was founded in 2011 by Harold Siez. My name is David Ingham and I am so happy to be part of such a great company with great support to help their affiliates create success.

I have created my blog work from home career to highlight the great advantages of Karatbars International and saving in Gold. Are you looking for an internet business or work from home business?

Karatbars is a private company specializes in the distribution of 24k GOLD BULLION in smaller, more affordable weights mainly, in one gram increments. This makes saving in Gold affordable to most people and creating a free gold savings with Karatbars International is easy and can be done in a couple of minutes online.

The corporate office is located in Stuttgart Germany, with additional offices in Europe, Belize, Asia, and Thailand. Karatbars International is responsible for the support, marketing, customer and partner communications, execution and delivery of all orders. The customer support is is exceptional and with our team protection through gold we have extra support such as:

 Karatbars Gold protection

1. 24/7 team Skype room where leaders are ready to get your questions answered.

2. Team training website

3. Team sales funnel

4. Mentors that want your success


Karatbars International products are protected against been copied as they are stamped and approved by the London Bullion Market Association, which is a symbol of quality that governments and individuals have come to respect around the globe. The LBMA stamp is only given to refineries that meet the stringent Good Delivery List practices.


100% of all funds you deposit into your Karatbars account are used to buy gold bullion. There are no extra fees. This is a unique feature that Karatbars offers it’s customers and affiliates.

Your money is in secure hands with Karatbars come and join our team protection through Gold and join us on a journey of a lifetime.

Karatbars International also has licensing agreements with serveral top corporations, including the Vatican. In fact, the Vatican, which has one of the strictest policies involving the licensing of their name and images, was so impressed with the operation of Karatbars International, that it officially licensed the image of Pope John Paul II to be printed on specialty Karatbar cards. This was indeed an honor for Karatbars International, and proof positive of the upstanding validity of the company.

Karatbars International had the vision and goal of bringing to the worldwide market small, affordable weights of 24 Carat Gold Bullion, which was currency grade, and fully approved of LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) swop your worthless paper money in Gold currency And with the Karatbars, they have succeeded and surpassed all expectations.

Come and join us on a journey of a lifetime :))

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