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Karatbars International Success day 60 work from home

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Karatbars International day 60

Karatbars Team


I just got this post below from our team skype room

Awesome post from one our leaders Joe Norman who played in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks.

[7:42:56 AM] Joe Norman: Karatbars is an e-commerce company with an affiliate program.  (Like Amazon)

In MLM, you are required to purchase products monthly to participate in the compensation program. Karatbars does not have any requirements.

Every product and service is optional. There are no fees to join and Karatbars does not charge website fees either.


There is 1 of 7 ways Karatbars International rewards its Affiliates and is also OPTIONAL

Learn and Teach People the history of money and the “correct way” to “save/move” it. Connect people to information. Tools & Senior Partners Teach how to exchange paper money into gold money, then save it

The Result (if you follow the Protection Through Gold plan)

Get Paid every Friday

 A FREE Karatbars Account gives you (and all you refer):

Access to an Asset Class (That is the Best Quality Collateral that is portable)

Vehicle to Preserve and Multiply Capital

Income Producing Ability to “Spin Off” Weekly Cash Flow

De-Couple from Banking System, Interest Rates and Fiat Paper Currency

Leverage Gold and Gold Prices (Great history of price & performance)

No repairs or maintenance costs (like Real Estate & depreciating assets)

Affiliate Rewards program nothing short of incredible

Earnings and Profits can be taken in cash and/or 999.9 Gold Grams

Financial Education


Karatbars International Company Reported 10/01/2013


Record Number of new Affiliates making over $1,000 a week.

Record Number of Affiliates making over $5,000 a week.

Record Number of Affiliates making over $10,000 a week.


Record Number of new Affiliates getting their Gold for FREE from commissions. Karatbars International, the Company that rewards SAVING not Spending.


David Ingham


Karatbars International Work From Home

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