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Karatbars work from home day 57 progress

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Karatbars International day 57 progress

Leave yesterday behind. If you feel you didn’t get enough done, begin fresh today. Discouragement will only stop you from taking next steps you were meant to take. Rise above that, and remember- everyone starts somewhere. You start where you are today. Think of your goal, and keep moving forward. Don’t lose focus. Only lose negativity.

Stay positive. Keep learning, keep growing, keep motivated, and keep moving forward. Focus on what you have done, not what you haven’t. Think more about what you are doing, not what you’re not. Place more focus on what you can do, than on what you can’t. Through continued movement forward towards your goal, you will reach it– Hang in there.. it’s a bright new day of a happy new week. Let’s make it a great one!


Hello everyone hope all is going well with you.  Let me give you a progress update on my Karatbars Work From Home Career opportunity.

I have just sponsored a new person into my Karatbars business with the help of the easy step by step tools that we have to offer in our team. I feel blessed to be part of such a postive and helpful group of people who want you to suceed.


I ave been writing my blog for about 3 months now and its getting some good exposure on the internet. I am very excited about the Karatbars opportunity. It makes sense to get good mentors and team that can motivate you and drive you forward. I have teamed up with my Mentors Alby and Lourens and they are 6 figure earners on the internet.


We have a great training website for our paid members and a team skype room where top leaders are ready to help you 24/7. Also to learn new internet marketing skills we have teamed up with MLSP (My Lead System Pro) which is a great source to learn how to market on the internet.


I also use Adchiever and Listjoe to market my Karatbars opportunity which works well. The Karatbars Opportunity is helping people to save in Gold at 1 Gram at a time and great a savings plan. As an affiliate you get paid to help people save in Gold. This is the greatest opportunity on the planet.


Please stop by and have a look what Karatbars international can offer you the company is Base in Germany and has more offices in the USA and more are getting setup as we speak. The growth for the company has be very positive and future growth look promising due to the Dollar losing ground and due to the financial crises around the world. Investing in Gold makes sense.


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David Ingham

Karatbars International Work From Home

Come join us on a journey of a lifetime.


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