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Karatbars your Home Based Online Business

Karatbars Network Marketing

Introduction to Karatbars Your Home Based Online Business

Have you heard about Karatbars?

karatbars Gold

A revolution was started in late 2011

when CEO Harald Seiz helped brand and trademark the name Karatbar

creating Karatbars International.

They have quickly become а huge success with thousands of customers all оvеr the world.


Karatbars will soon be accepted аnd recognized worldwide аѕ real currency,

thеу are poised tо ѕоon bесоmе а household nаmе.

Karatbars International iѕ сυrrеntly thе largest manufacturer оf 1 gram gold bullion bars іn thе world.

With the world still struggling to recover from the financial crises in 2009.

Karatbars is an attractive way to create a Gold savings plan.


Who and What is Karatbars?

Save in Gold

Save in Gold


Karatbars is an E commerce company in Germany Stuttgart.

Where you can exchange gold Bullion bars in 1 gram, 2.5gram and 5 gram weights.

This makes Karatbars affordable to the average person.

When you register with Karatbars you can either become a customer

or  join as an affiliate and refer others.


Karatbars is simply a gold savings plan with an option to increase your wealth by sharing with others.

There is no joining fee and no website fees it allows you to join with nothing to lose.


The Affiliate Program gives you two ways to earn money and get your gold for free:

Would you like some free Gold just by referring others to Karabars?


The Unilevel Pay Plan (Get paid for referring others who purchase Gold),

and a Dual System; if you are an affiliate with a package,

then you are automatically get enrolled in both.

In the Unilevel Pay Plan, you receive a direct commission off every person you sign up who purchases Gold, depending on your package, rank, or volume. (These commissions below are % for the duel team payout not the Unilevel). Unilevel is payed monthly and Dual team is payed weekly.

Bronze package, you will receive 5% direct commission
Silver package, you will receive 10% direct commission
Gold package, you will receive 15 % direct commission
And with a VIP, you will receive 20 % direct commission

The Dual System is an absolute beauty so spend some time here to understand this part of the compensation plan as you will be very happy with the rewards it brings you and your team : )

This not a binary system but a true dual system. In a binary, at the end of the week you are paid on your weakest leg and the company keeps the profit from your strongest leg. Then you start all over the next month. The Karatbars Dual System pays you on both legs and the units carry over to next month.


The Units explained for the Dual System

how to make money

Karatbars 1 gram Gold Cards


When you have a referral on your left leg buys a Silver Package you receive 20 units.
Then you get a referral on your right leg buys a Gold Package that is worth 50 units.

You would only need 5 more units on your left leg to get a cycle,

so you can see the power in the dual system pay plan.


Karatbars Beniefits

  1. You can sign up for FREE and still earn commissions in the unilevel.
  2. You will not be buying products such as Pills, juices and creams you will have a savings plan in Gold.
  3. There are no purchase requirements in Karatbars.
  4. No capital investments required to be paid in the Unilevel.
  5. Gold is trusted and the price has gone up in the last 50 years and retains its value.
  6. You get paid on a pre Paid MasterCard and can withdraw your commissions every Friday : )
  7. Offers an attractive way to create a Gold savings plan in affordable weights and purchasing 24 Karat 999.9% pure gold bullion.

Who can join Karatbars?

residual income

Karatbars International


Karatbars is for everyone with the options to save in gold

and save in a Gold money that will continue to rise unlike Fiat paper money

that is backed by nothing and is declining due to inflation.


The affiliate program is virtually risk free

and makes this business a great way to make money online and work from home.


Create KaratBars Savings Plan in Gold


Are you now ready to create your own Karatbar gold savings plan?

And start to build up your wealth with Gold through monthly purchases.

(You can get started as low as £40 per month)

Karatbar Baby Card


The back office is easy to understand and all you need to do is:

  1. Create your account either a customer account or an affiliate account if you want to refer others and make more money.
  2. Then you upload your KYC documents (Know Your Client)
  3. Now if you want to earn in the Dual System you will need to purchase your package.
  4. Now you are ready to start your monthly Gold savings plan. It’s easy to keep track of your Gold purchases and you can increase decrease your Gold saving when you want.

This is a very clever concept exchanging your worthless cash money for Gold money.

Karatbars International will store your Gold for free and its safe

and secure stored with Prosegur securities company in Germany.


How much does it cost to join Karatbars?


Karatbars is free to join but then you will only be paid on unilevel.

To earn higher commissions you can purchase a package

and be part of the Dual team system where you get paid weekly onto your Karatbars MaserCard.


Packages Available:
Bronze Package Approx. $ 135.00
Bronze Digital Package Approx. $ 135.00
Silver Package Approx. $ 325.00
Gold Package Approx. $ 805.00
Vip Package Approx. $ 2,165.00
Vip Exclusive Package Approx. $ 10,345.00


Is Karatbars the Right Online home based business for you?

Karatbars is a great opportunity you can start for free with no hidden costs or secrets.

If you want to make more money I recommend you to purchase a package.


To your success and abundance,

 creating success


David Ingham

“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

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