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List Building for your Online Business

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Online business – Creating Sales and Conversions

Are you looking to increase your conversions and sales?

Then keep reading I have some Gold for you :)


The message below can be worth a Million bucks which is from one of our team members that I found in our face book support group for my Online Business.

I wanted to share this with you as you might get some value from this and implement it into your business.

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Protection Through Gold Team my mentors Lourens and Alby

Online business

I have just spent an amazing time with my mentor, Lourens, to clarify some issues/problems

I have with regard to my online marketing.


During our discussions, something which I had not previously understood gradually became

very clear to me and I would like to share this with everyone because we are all part of the PTG team.


I have been associated with Louren’s for a number of years now,

and he has always stressed this important factor to me – “build a relationship with your list”.

I thought I understood this and I would send out emails and broadcasts that never seemed to get many opens

(in Aweber terms – LOL) and (pay careful attention now)

I blamed my list for this, feeling that they were not interested or whatever.


Well, my discussion with Lourens certainly cleared this up for me.

And I now realise that any lack of action from my list is a direct result of a lack of action on my part,

OR because I did not deliver value to my list. Wow, this was like a slap in the face (it hurt).


In our discussion (well, Lourens really did most of the talking because he already knew what I needed),

it became clear that there are only three things needed to deliver value to my list:


List Building and Developing relationships

list building

1. Don’t sugar coat anything. Be ethical and always tell the truth.

2. I must always be myself. Every time I communicate with my list, they must see consistency in the way I communicate and they must know the information came from me.

3. Deliver value to my list.


Here is how to increase your sales for your online business:

  1. Consistently produce simple training for my list each day on things I have learned – these can take the form of simple emails, videos (I can either record myself talking or my voice over a screen capture), or PDFs I distribute. I can take anything I have learned, express it in my own words and simplify it, and I have wonderful, personalised training for my list.
  2.  I personally must be exposed to my list as an individual – they need to know the communications come from me and no one or anything else.
  3. Those on my list need to know that I care about them.
  4. I need to communicate with my list each day.
  5. My list needs to view me as their trainer.


The above cleared up so much for me and gave me a level of understanding that I never had before.

Does it make sense if I say I learnt that the only thing I can really sell is myself?

I sincerely hope that this post will clarify things for others like me.


Thanks Lourens for your time and your insight.

It’s very precious to me.


To your success and abundance,

 creating success


David Ingham

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  1. Listen to Lourens he knows what he’s talking about! Great advice for us all to follow!

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