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Making Money from Home thanks to my Mastermind Training

ways to make money on the internet

Making Money from Home

Making Money from Home is what you will learn on my blog Work from Home Career enjoy :)

My name is David Ingham and welcome.

I have a great blog post for you where you will find great tips on how to earn money online.

And learn new skills and mindset that you can implement now to create more success in your working from home business.


I feel fired up! 

And blessed to have met Mirko Casagrande.

Who is teaching me new skills on making money from home.


About 6 years ago, we met at an,

Network Marketing presentation on money making ideas.

I can remember clearly that night.

As Mirko had something special in him.

And his search in making money from home.


He was driven, happy, hungry and compassionate about life.

And living in abundance and prosperity.

I could feel his energy.

I wanted to be with him, he was magnetic.


Now we move 6 years forward.

Here’s the story…


Make Money from Home

Mirko is originally from Italy.

But his dream was to travel and start his own travel business.

And create ways to make money.


Now he runs a very profitable Internet marketing coaching program, travel and tourist business in

Australia WOW and making money from home.


Just shows you how powerful.

A decision and clarity of thought,

a burning desire, and passion.

Can help you live your dreams.


Ways to make Money from Home and Think and Grow Rich


ways to make money from homeI have read the book Think and Grow Rich.

A few times and it is very powerful.

“Image courtesy of [Ambro] /“.


To get the skills to create a Positive Mindset.

Is essential to any success.


I have had great success in making money at home.

But now is the time to create massive success.


The only way that I could do that was to learn new skills.

As in the book Think and Grow rich.

You need to acquire Specialised Knowledge.


So a aligned myself to attract a mentor, teacher.

Who could teach me these skills.

Be a student and learn.

To explode your business to the next level.


How to Earn Money Online with Mirko Casagrande Mastermind Training

This is how the law of attraction works.

When the student is ready.

The teacher appears.


You attract to you what your dominating,

Thoughts are focused on.

So what you focus on Develops.

Create daily habits of positive thoughts,

That can lift you up. And attract people

in your life that push you to become better.


So by some miracle I got back in touch with.

Mirko Casagrande and now he is teaching me.


The Specialised Knowledge through a Mastermind course.

On success, Making Money from Home, mindset, prosperity thinking, abundance,

wealth, Internet marketing, higher conversions.

And attraction marketing.


How to Earn Money Online 

Make money from home
Make money from home

I am very excited, and here are some principles.

That I am learning from our first Mastermind.

Coaching session.


Mirko’s, first interviewed me, to see what was driving me.

And what outcomes I am looking to achieve?


I will learn the following in his mastermind coaching sessions

  • How to make money from home
  • Make money online
  • I am looking to increase my income
  • Created more leads
  • Have more traffic to my lead pages
  • Create loyal customers
  • Become an attractive person and leader
  • Learn new marketing skills
  • Create more profits
  • Higher conversions


Here is Mirko’s Philosophy on Making Money from Home 

We will be covering these topics in detail:

  1. Ways to make money from home
  2. How to earn money online
  3. Abundance thinking
  4. Create a winning formula
  5. High converting offer
  6. Create your target audience
  7. Adding value
  8. Building a community
  9. Grow bigger inside
  10. Awareness that we are all connected together
  11. Gratitude
  12. Love
  13. Create a personalised approach to your target audience
  14. Open your mind to attract people
  15. Progress in personal development
  16. SEO for WordPress
  17. Blogging strategies and content
  18. Create converting lead pages
  19. Word press optimization
  20. Face book marketing and advertising
  21. Face book groups and target your ideal customer


Implementing strategies how to make money from home

Create a personal approach and engage with your target audience.

On Attraction and Abundance marketing.


Think about your leaders in your Network Marketing business.

You want to use the principle of duplication.


What age are they? Are they Male or Female?

Think about these people and what are their back grounds?

Why did they join you? And your Network Marketing business?

You want to create a personal relationship.

Best friend, and have the mindset of abundance.


Ways to Make Money and Mastermind Marketing

For every 100 visits to you blog you should have a conversion rate of 2% – 5% opt ins.

So make sure your Blog has a great offer “cookie”.

You have the hidden secret and a solution, how to make money from home.


Create a list of 20 Keywords, 5 of them to be your main keywords.

That you want to dominate Google with. The other 15 can be long tail key words.

Use the Google key word planner and use medium traffic search for keywords.

This will help people to find your blog.


WOW this has be an exciting first Mastermind coaching session.

Keep an eye out for my next blog to learn more on ways,

to make money from home.


We go through some more great teachings.

On how to explode your business and  making more money online.


To your success and abundance.


make money online



David Ingham


Connect with me on Skype: davesharljd



“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

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