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1. Leaders waiting to answer any question and help you get a fast start in our team Skype room which is open 24/7 Just to help, encourage and share information.


2. A solid step by step plan to take you from nothing to making at least $4400 per week… And then beyond. All you have to do is plug into the system!


3. A sales page where the selling is done for you. all you need to do is point people to the page along with your referral link.


4. A step by step how to sign up and get started site for all your prospects and for them to use also.


5. A team training site where you will learn all you need to build a solid bisiness and a sound financial future.


6. A campaign code and auto responder messages for your follow up done for you.


7. In short you get a complete sales funnel all you need to do is point people to it and let the system do its magic!


8. Daily live webinars available for you and any prospects.


You can access information on our 12 week strategy and step by step instructions on how to get started and become a members of our Gold team


Gold is a treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in the world and succeeds in helping souls into paradise. Christopher Columbus




When looking at ways to buy gold many people are overwhelmed at the pricing of gold with an ounce of gold being 1200 -1400 US dollars.

We have seen the dollar lose value and hyperinflation is around the corner. But if you invest in gold there is no fear as gold is getting ready to double . If fact Gold bullion experts have said gold could soon surpass 2011 record highs of $1921.


Therefore you need to act swiftly if you want to be part of the profits and have gold in your possession. Gold is up 300% since 2003, even after its fall recently in 2012 and 2013, where as your paper money is at least 20% down in spending power  since 2003.


Ways To Buy Gold for the average person


So where can you buy gold and what if you don’t have the 1000’s to invest. I found a way to buy gold that brings the average people to that gold rather that just the big investors .


You can now buy gold in grams of gold … This is unique way of accumulating gold at a affordable price that anyone can do. This gives you a way to exchange paper money for gold at affordable prices and grow your gold stores to secure your income.


The place you can buy your gold and setup a monthly order of gold is at Karatbars International. You can read a Karatbars review here.


Why Choose Karatbars to buy Gold?

Karatbars international provides you with currency grade gold. The value of Karatbars is one of the best in the industry based on the size and security feathers as well as being heat sealed within the certificate of authenticity.


So a good choice for those who are looking for ways to buy gold.


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