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Making Money online and Mastermind training 2

How to make money online

Make Money Online

Making money online is fun and rewarding.

Hello David Ingham here from work from home career.

Are you ready to make money online and make a full time

income from home?


The best advice I can give you is to,

find the right mentors. And get the right step by step

training in place.


I am going to share with you my learning’s.

And what I have implemented to get my blog.

To be more visible by Google.

And how to get 6-15 opt ins every day.


Making money Online case study

making money onlineOn the 5 May 14 I started this case study with my mentor.

I was getting 50 visits per day and had an Alexa ranking.

Of 380000 worldwide and a UK ranking of 29000.


In the next 30 days I will be giving you more updates.

On what I have changed to get more opt ins for my,

work from home business. This has been implemented by my mentor Mirko Casagrande on ways making money online. In his

Mastermind training. After the 30 days I will be in a good position,

to see what I can do next to even increase my daily visits even more.


My target is to get 300 visits per day and increase my Alexa ranking worldwide.

And in the UK you have an opportunity to model.

These learning’s and implement them on your Blog.

If you are looking to make money online.


Work from home and making money online

Making money from home is becoming very popular.

As with the advances in technology we can work anywhere.

In the world with a good Internet connection.


And now with Skype you can talk for free and build

A home based business.


Making Money online suggestions for your Blog

home based jobs

  • We are going to discuss ways how to optimise your blog.
  • And get more traffic to create leads for your work from home business.
  • Target audience that you want to attract to your blog.
  • Look for people who wants success and wanting to make extra money.
  • Who are fed up in their current job and looking to create a better lifestyle for their families.
  • who are ready to take action. And are willing to learn new skills on how to earn money online.
  • Increase your spread of your blog by updating your plug-ins.
  • And update to the most resent WordPress update. Always do a backup before you do any updates.


  • The tipping point to success in your home based business.
  • Is when you reach 300 visits per day.
  • Then you are in a good position to become financially free and Making money online.
  • You will need an exciting offer for you clients to opt in.
  • Aweber is a great email management software platform to manage you emails.
  • And an auto responder to manage your messages.
  • You should be covering 2% – 5% so you should be getting between 6 – 15 leads per/day.
  • And you should be converting 2% of those into sales.
  • I will show you how to Create an article that is optimised for SEO and Google.


Making Money online in your home Business

When my mentor was looking at my blog.

He noticed that I was over optimising the site by having Meta data.

And All in one SEO activated so we switched off the meta data plug in.

And left the All in One SEO activated.


We edited my Global key words with my 6 main key words.

That I am targeting for making money online.


How to make money from home key words for SEO

We started on optimising my article.

Here are some of the adjustments we make.

To make the article more SEO friendly for Google.

  • The title must contain the key word that you want to rank for in Google, preferably at the begining.
  • You will see that my heading is starting with my main key word: making money online.
  • Then have 3 subheadings called H1, H2, H3 with your key work in the heading.
  • Link that key word to an internal webpage and also to an external website.
  • The key work should be in Bold and underlined and in Italics through out the article.
  • Use images with your main key word.
  • But remember to keep your main keyword density to 2%.
  • So you are not over optimising your article as Google will penalise you for that.
  • YouTube videos are good, if you make the article the same title as the video.
  • And use the same tags in the video and description.


Home based jobs and Leads

online jobs from home

  • The Google keyword planner is a great tool to use to find some key word ideas.
  • That you can use through out your article.
  • You want to use about 5 key words that are related to your main keyword.
  • But dominate on one keyword and just use the other four through the article.
  • Always have a call to action PS line: At the end of your article going to your lead capture page.
  • Plus in the call to action have your key word in there again.
  • The next step is to make sure you have the social media buttons to share your article.
  • I powerful tip: That is to build relationships with people who have big groups.
  • And ask them if you can post one of your articles in their group.
  • Tthat will help others and add value. This can help your blog post to go viral.
  • And be shared across many platforms.

“Image courtesy of [stockimages] /“.

Great that is enough training for today keep coming back for some more updates.


To your success and abundance.


make money from home


David Ingham


Connect with me on Skype: davesharljd


“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

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