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Mastermind Group and Law of attraction

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Mastermind Group

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Scott, Lourence and Alby my mastermind Group

Many people often wonder what a mastermind group is, to help you understand, a mastermind group is an alliance forged between two or more individuals that have come together to work and achieve a certain goal.

In layman’s language, a mastermind group is a shortcut to acquiring all the knowledge, connections and the expertise that one needs to reach their goals.

The famed Napoleon Hill (Author of Think and Grow Rich) best seller was the first human being to define the term mastermind. In the years just shy of a century, the idea of mastermind groups has experienced tremendous growth and evolved into valuable and successful avenues that many individuals now use to experience success and growth in all aspects of their lives.


The Secret of Mastermind Groups

law of attraction

law of attraction

People taking part in mastermind groups cause an effective synergy and energy through commitment and excitement. As a group, all the participants raise the bar by challenging each other by forming and implementing goals, debating ideas and all support one another through respect, honesty and compassion.

The participants that take place in the mastermind group take charge of the group. These groups form the key that makes every member participate, contribute and finally follow the guidelines. Members also fully participate in the group through brainstorming new ideas, providing feedback and finally forming accountability structures that keep every individual focused fully and on track.

Participants that are members of these groups take the role of a catalyst for growth by playing the devil’s advocate role and also the supportive colleague role. In essence mastermind groups are formed by individuals who come together agree to work together to elevate every individual to the next level.


What is The Purpose of A Mastermind Group?

Some of the major reasons why groups even exist include:

  • Resources
  • Mutual Support                          A sense that others share your experience
  • Accountability                             Experience, skill and confidence
  • Differing Perspectives               A bonding of peers
law of attraction
My Mentors law of attraction

With expert knowledge in the mix, masterminds are groups that grow exponentially when people participate in them. It is believed that when two money conscious minds come together a third invincible and intangible force is created thus forming the third mind.

By using the law of attraction and joining a mastermind, both the sum as well as the ability of individuals to form things in the world is increased when people stop operating individually and come together and perform as a group.

Another purpose of a mastermind group is going beyond making people feel comfortable and actually pushing participants far from their comfort zone. As it is well known and documented, success rarely emanates from one’s comfort zone, mastermind groups are effective groups that help individuals succeed beyond their own limits.

Mastermind Group Types

There are two types of mastermind groups. The first group solely focusses on success and a single individual’s vision and the second group solely focuses on assisting every person in the group.

A mastermind group collectively and effectively solves problems related to getting the expertise, resources, experience as well as specialized knowledge that sole individuals did not have on their own. The intentions of the group are to create an environment where individuals share ideas and support one another.



The economic and social landscape in today’s world has shifted so fast in these past few years. Now business owners are being forced to think outside the box just to maintain their business and run them on profit.

By joining a mastermind group, business owners are able to share ideas, experience and opinions which help them effectively run their business in line with today’s customer demands.


law of attraction

law of attraction


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