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Network Marketing Blog Tips Module 3

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Network Marketing Blog Tips

Network Marketing Blog Tips
Network Marketing Blog Tips

Hello there I am having so much fun listening to Ray Higdon’s training on how to setup your blog and get more leads for your MLM and Network Marketing business. I am now on Module 3 of his Blogging Mastery online course. I have now implemented Module1, Module2, and Module3 and I have already seen an increase in traffic to my Blog. So I am very excited and grateful for the training that Ray has provided it’s packed with value.


Network Marketing Blog Tips

I have now implemented the following on my Network Marketing Blog

  1. Fixed the 6 basic design flaws on a blog which are:
  2. Place your picture in the header banner
  3. Blog on one topic do not change your topic
  4. Use photo’s in your blog posts you can use a free photo resource
  5. Use H1 and H2 headings for Key words
  6. Have a PS line at the end of your blog as a call to action
  7. Have a signature so people can contact you

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We talked about the one most important thing that you can do to get traffic to your blog and that is Blog consistently.

The key to Communication and Connecting with your Network Marketing leads

We also touched on the importance of learning how to talk to people and connect with your leads. The best way to start is to read books and I did recommend How to make Friends and Influence people. There is also a great product from Tim Sales called Professional Inviter this product will help you what to say to prospects. To make them feel comfortable to talk with you. Inviting is an important skill as when you get leads coming in through your blog you will need to communicate with them and get them to watch your business presentation.


Content for your Network Marketing Blog

You might say what am I going to write about? I have touched on this in my previous blog post but I think it’s important to mention it again and give you some more tips.

Think to yourself what trainings or books do I have on my book shelf why do people buy products? What is there main reason? As if you can find the answer then you can think how the buyer is thinking and write about those products and give value teach and help find a solution and fix a problem. There could be a product called “How to get more leads online”. The person bought this product because they wanted more people for their Network Marketing business and this will provide a solution for them.

Create Training for your Network Marketing Blog

Network Marketing Blog Tips

Network Marketing Blog Tips

You can now create a blog post training about this product and give value to your readers. But always remember to give credit the author. So now you can see your content can be endless just create your own trainings from Books and training programs you have bought and attended.

Here is another great tip from Ray Higdon. Why did you attend a webinar training? Every time you attend training or read a book, think about what questions you can get answered that others would love to here. WOW now that is a very powerful statement you can share what you have learnt. So keep learning and sharing and people will want to read your blogs as you are adding value.

You can use Questions as blog titles such as:

  1. How to build MLM
  2. Top MLM companies
  3. Best MLM Companies
  4. MLM Business opportunities
  5. Internet network marketing

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So here is what you can do straight away to get your content flowing, find 3 books on your book shelf or go purchase 3 new books that will add value to your readers and blog about then but give credit to the authors.

To Your Abundance!

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