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Network Marketing Secrets

Work from Home and Network Marketing Secrets

network marketing Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets is the big question that we always get asked?

What is the secret to Success in MLM?


My name is David Ingham and I run a blog called Work from Home Career.

I have recently teamed up with two mentors.

One from South Africa, his name is Lourens and One from Australia.

And his name is Alby. I have been looking to make money online.

For over 10 years with no success.


I have tried many Network Marking companies.

But I never become a success and made no money.


The 10 years was my training ground, I started to learn new skills.

But I had some bad habits that I needed to leave behind.

And that was my “MIND SET” I had a lack mindset.


And I reached a point where I was fed up.

And made the decision in my mind that I had enough of failure.

And that I needed to “STEP UP” and create success for myself.

As no one was going to do it for me.


Network Marketing Secrets to success

free network marketing leads

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This is where having a mentor is key as they have gone through.

The tough times and know what needs changing to create success.

And my first chat with my mentors was that I had to do some “INTROSPECTION”

And look at myself first to see what needed changing.


Here is the definition of Introspection:

Is the examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings.

In psychology the process of introspection relies exclusively on observation of one’s mental state,

while in a spiritual context it may refer to the examination of one’s soul.

Introspection is closely related to human self-reflection and is contrasted with external observation.


What is the secret to success in Network Marketing?

I have asked many leaders in MLM and Multi level marketing and the online Guru’s.

And they all have the same answer.

That the secret is a combination of skills as listed below.


The Top Ten Network Marketing Secrets

network marketing secrets

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  1. Ok we have touched on Introspection which is the most important. As if you do not have the right mindset then nothing works. And to admit to oneself that you need to make some changes and learn new skills and be teachable is essential for progress.
  2. How to master difficulties, as there is a famous quote done by Jim Rohn ” Do not wish for less problems wish you were better. Learn new skills so you can handle your problems with more skill.


  1. Have persistence is a skill that you must learn as quitters never win and winners never quite. You will have struggles in your journey and learning these Network Marketing Secrets will help you create the success you desire.


  1. Just remember Henry Ford had nothing, no schooling and created massive success. There is no excuse we all have the ability to create success. All we need is a burning desire; know what one wants and the knowledge how to get it.


  1. Personal development is a big Network Marketing Secret and all leaders in MLM spend money on new training programs every week. If you want to be a success learn something new every week. Read articles attend webinars find out what trainings your mentors are attending and join them. You never stop learning so keep expanding your mind and share your trainings with your group.


  1. Here is another key phrase by Jim Rohn “What you become is much more valuable than what you get”. Now ponder on that though for a bit as the person you become is what is important. If you what to attract attractive people then you need to become attractive. So beware of what you are becoming as “What am I becoming attracts”.


  1. Refinement of philosophy is a key point when learning the Network Marketing Secrets. As when you grow and learn new skills so will your philosophy change. Here is the definition of Philosophy “Is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language


  1. Beware of your alibis such as the ones you make up in your own mind to create excuses for not doing something that can rob your success. Such as I am too old, I have no money, I have no friends, I am too fat, I am not living in the right neighbourhood. I can carry on all night but you do get my meaning.


  1. Indecision is a Lake of belief and you need to learn to have definite purpose and make decisions quickly and decisively and change your decisions slowly.


10.  David Ingham back here a hope you have enjoyed this blog post there are some nuggets of Gold in here.


To your success and abundance.

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David Ingham

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  1. Another great post! A good mentor is worth their weight in gold! Great reminders too about the secrets of successful network marketing.

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  2. With your inspiration points efficient to know about network marketing secrets. You have great confidence about network marketing and it is constructive to become successful in network marketing business.

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