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Marissa’s Story Is So Profound I Want to Share it With You All

Marissa, it is for you and all those who feel like you that we created the new Network Marketing 101 Step-by-Step Online Training Program.  Your story is so profound that I wanted to share it and the comments from Kristyn and David Ingham with all our subscribers.

It is my hope that many will be inspired and take action!  Thank you for sharing!

Marissa’s Comment

Hi, after many late night Google searches for Work From Home opportunities, I pretty much stumbled upon then opted to become a new associate in the MLM industry following my recent layoff in Corporate America that took place on the day I was scheduled to return back to work from maternity leave.

After 11 years of experience, yet no college education on my resume, I came to the conclusion that my best case scenario would be to get “lucky” and be hired into a new company without having to experience a pay cut, or my worst case scenario would be to bite the bullet, and simply be thankful to take any kind of pay cut necessary just to be employed again. This was the extent of my thought process for about one month before the world of MLM possibilities and options captured my mind and heart alike. For the very first time in my life I had felt like I was not just going through the motions. I felt excited, driven, and motivated. Finally… I am hungry at the right time and the right place. But what this really means to me is a second chance for nothing less than greatness, it’s time to take a different approach that will serve me and my family well.

I took a very close look into the business system, the products, and exactly what would be required of me to earn career level income by the time my severance installments run out on May 8, 2015. I have learned that taking daily, massive, and persistent action to schedule a minimum of 12 interviews a day to complete a minimum of 6 interviews per day 6 x a week on the full time plan on average results in 4 new associates each week and 16 for the month averaging out to be 3K not including product introductory bonuses and right leg left leg business volume cycling.

I bring with me a useful assortment of workplace experiences that have developed and enhanced my communication skills to a very high level, so when i understood that my job would be basically to call up interested prospects using a telephone script for setting up an interview for them to work at home with our company it sounded like an absolute cake walk or so I thought….

But my anxiety level is now off the charts and I am having a difficult time being productive and or confident on a consistent basis. Please help me! why this is happening to me?

On the days when I push myself I never feel confident even if something goes better than I thought. I wish I could relax and not be anxious. Sometimes I am too anxious to make calls so I start my dial sessions late morning or afternoon losing large chunks of the day. I feel like I will repel prospects with nervous, anxious energy and a shaky voice.

I’m serious about building this home based business. I know it is the right thing for me and my family. I understand the percentage of people who start MLM end out quitting pretty quickly, and I understand building a business is a numbers game and that it will take time, energy, passion, money… And the only thing that spooks sickens and scares me is failing by choice.

My mentor recently helped me to see for myself that I have to begin to train and discipline my mind to think only prosperous positive thoughts. My beliefs thoughts and feelings and not where they need to be and are affecting the number of people who move forward in the interview process / funnel.

How do I begin to loosen up get comfortable connect and build relationships with people that I talk to if I use a series of different scripts designed as part of the business system throughout all my conversations with prospects?

David Ingham’s Response

Hi Marissa

Thanks for your post I am sure loads of people will relate to you me included

We are all looking for a solution be successful in MLM and help our teams.

I know that Tim and Kristyn are working on some tools and I am sure you will get all your answers.

I am also excited to see answers to your questions and let us all grow and become a success

Thanks for your honesty,

David Ingham


Kristyn’s Response

Dear Marissa,

Thank you so very much for this heart-felt message. I admire you for your tenacity and determination and would love to help you overcome this obstacle of anxiety, productivity and confidence in doing the business.

Your mentor has offered you some good advice – it’s important to think about positive, prosperous thoughts. It’s hard to meet challenges, stay determined, and build a successful business when you’re constantly telling yourself you can’t do this. So, that is good advice, but it’s only part of the solution.

I want to share a little analogy that Tim has shared before to help networkers in your situation. Imagine yourself standing at the side of the pool. You really don’t know how to swim, but everyone else in the pool looks like they’re having a great time. You want to jump in. So you do.  You take that leap and once you get into the water you realize you can’t swim. Your arms start flailing around, legs kicking, you’re trying everything you can possible do to keep your head above the water. You’re giving it “your all” to stay afloat. Your friend is at the side of the pool cheering you on, telling you can do it, keep going, stay positive!! But, in the end you just get too tired. Without the knowledge of HOW TO SWIM, it doesn’t matter how hard you’re trying or how nice it is that your friend is over there cheering you on. Eventually, your head will go under the water. Perhaps you see where I”m going with this. You can spend all the time in the world getting yourself pumped up, learning positive affirmation, training your brain to be positive…you can do that, but until you have skills and training to do the 13 daily activities in network marketing you are going to drown. You see, you HAVE to have both. Positive attitude and belief in yourself…check. But to go along with that, you need the training too; just like the person in the pool needs swimming lessons to stay afloat.

I hope you’ll take a look at our new course just released today – Network Marketing 101. It’s the perfect introduction to the skills training you need – focusing on the 13 daily activities that you must know how to do to make it in network marketing.

We would love to help you; please let us know how we can do just that.

Marissa, you are on the route to real success!

With Deepest admiration, Tim


Thanks for reading and I hope you got some great value please comment I would love to here from you.



David Ingham


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  1. Have you heard of Tim Sales? Tim has just released some training that can help your Network Marketing business my blog post gives you a good insight into the new product Network Marketing 101.



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  2. Hey David,

    This is a great post! A lot of people are struggling with MLM business. I love the tips Kristin gave to Marissa. A positive attitude is the best thing, but learning a few skills to go with the new mindset is also necessary!

    Anybody can do this, join our team! Gold Business!

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    • Angelo thanks for your comments yes mindset is key in any business. Plus to have a positive attitude
      can help you attract people and business partners into your business.

      Think and Grow rich is a great book on mindset :)



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