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Online Business – Posture and Sponsoring more reps Part 6

How to make money through the internet Work from Home

Objections in Network Marketing 


Home Business
Home Business

Hello David Ingham here :-)

From Work from Home Career.

I have some great training for you.


Thanks to Mike Dillard and the Black Belt Recruiting Series.


Are you struggling to sponsor more reps in your home business?

I have a solution for you.


Collecting Decisions in Network Marketing


Collecting Decisions is a better way.

Rather than saying closing your prospects.

We are not sales people, we are information providers.


If you have identified the right prospect.

And given them the right information.

They will sell themselves.


Do not convince people to join your Home based business.


If you are, STOP this right now…


The follow up in Network Marketing


It’s simply a decision yes or no.

When you interviewed your prospect you found there Why.

As you asked questions like?


I am curious, why are you looking for a Home based business?

What is driving you to look at a Home business at present?

What has changed to make you look into a Home business?


When you are doing the interviewing process.

Always write down the answers,

to these questions as these can be very powerful.


When you are talking to your prospect.

And getting them to make a decision to get started.


Here is an example:


internet incomeTom you have gone through some great information.

And what exactly we have here.

And how this opportunity works.


How you get paid, and what is involved.

Tom you also shared with me why you are looking at a business.


That you are board in your current job.

And you want to go on more holidays.

And create an additional income.


You have heard from my team leaders on our team.

At this point how soon are you ready to get started?


Another example: 


Tom you have gone through all the information,

at this point Tom let’s get you started.


Another question your prospect can ask you is?

How do a start and build this business.


Great question.

there is some training that can get you started.

The training is step by step videos and you have access to this training 24/7.

You will have me as your coach to guide you.


You also might get the question.


How long have you been doing this business?

Just be honest and tell the truth.


If you have just got started,

just say you just got started.

But I have the support of a bigger team.


We are a community,

and we all work together to one common goal.


Here can be another objection:


This sounds great but I do not want to sell.

We are not in the sales business.

We are an information and coaching  business.


This is about working with others to create.

Success in them.


You do not need to go out and sell.

All you do is give out information,

And your prospects,


will make their own informed decision themselves.


That’s all we do…


Another objection can be

This really sounds great,


But why have I not heard about this product before.

This is a great opportunity for both of us as timing is everything.

And we have a great marketing potential.


When you have a good prospect,

and they see a great marketing opportunity.

They can become the biggest promoters.


Other objection can be:

online businessI do not have enough time.


Here is your reply: Tom if you are looking to create the lifestyle.

You want,

You will have to find some time.


And I can help you with some time management.


When you are asking people to join your business


Do not have any hesitation.

Have posture and a verbal confidence.

As if you do this every day.


What entry level do you get your prospects to join at?


Look at your prospects goals.

And income they want to earn,

from the business.


Pick the package,

that is going to give your prospect.

The biggest advantage.


Work from the top package down to the smallest package.

Let the prospect know,

that if they come it at the highest level.


They will get higher commission payments.

If someone is struggling to make a decision.


And they seem to be struggling to pay for the lowest package.

They might have to re allocate some resources.

Get rid of cable TV and use that money towards their business.


Plus you can then use the TV watching time.


And put that into your business.

It just depends on how much they want to change their lifestyle.


Here is a great tip when answering objections


online incomeMike that was a great question.

Let me help you out here,


There are some question you might have not asked yet.

That will help you out.

“Image courtesy of [stockimages] /“.

This is hugely attractive.

This will help you win the game for sponsoring the right people.


And who this is right for.

So do it for them and do it for yourself.


International expansion Network Marketing


You might get this question you have not asked me about.

Promoting this opportunity internationally.


One of the biggest opportunities, Is international expansion.


To your success and abundance.

home business


David Ingham


Connect with me on Skype: davesharljd



“Every thing you need to make money Online with your Online Business.”

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