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Awesome post from our Karatbars Team

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I would like to share something that one of our team members wrote today there are great learnings and we all can beniefit from this post – I apologize for the length but I found it to be very inspirational and hope you all enjoy it.




Why I decided that working from home was the best choice for me

After twenty years of doing the same day job after day I came to the realization that my job is one of the main reasons that I am not totally happy with the way things are going in my life. It seems like a simple statement to say. You would be surprised at how hard it was for me to see.  When you are really good at doing something, like most of your coworkers ,take pride in what you do, and make the money necessary to support your family, it seems like you are doing what you were meant to be doing.

My wife and I have been wanting to move from the area that we live in for the past five years or so. There was always a reason that we did not leave. Now our kids have all grown up. Well, probably better to say they have all reached adult age. Our youngest being 21 and our oldest at 34. In the past there was school for our two youngest.

We didn’t want them to leave their school distinct. Then we had our jobs, my other family members in the area , and all of the other reasons that we just couldn’t seem to get past. Now we come to the present time and there are way fewer reasons for us to stay in the area and many more reasons for us to finally move away.

Now it seems the only reason for me to stay is my job and the financial security it offers.   I have reached the point where waking in the morning to work twelve plus hours a day has taken a toll on me both mentally and physically. I wake in a bad mood and the mood worsens during the day only to return home totally exhausted and emotionally drained, no time for my family, and in a down right crappy mood.

The next morning the cycle continues again. Thankfully I have an understanding spouse that has put up with my bipolar tendencies for all of these years. I have decided that enough is enough.

My wife has been in Internet marketing for years now ever since the area we live in had a fairly major economic collapse.  She has had some success at it and of course some failures as well.  In 2008 she started working from home. After she had marginal success for three years she finally found a company she could market that was a homerun or so it seemed.

Finally experiencing what all of the so called Gurus said could happen and we had a truly great year. I didn’t have to work as much and we had time to enjoy each others company. We got a taste of what escaped us for years.  After our goals seemed to be in reach the worst happened and the company crashed. Emotionally devastating to say the least! Still Susan tread on, being the trooper that she is. Although I supported all of her online ventures I found I just couldn’t believe in working from home anymore.

In August of 2013 Susan came to me with a new venture one of her friends and now mentor had shared with her . It had a product that would be around for ever even if the company wasn’t, and a compensation plan that was great. I didn’t tell her at the time, because I didn’t want to get her or my hopes up, but it seemed like it could be her next homerun.  She told me the company was having a live event in Nashville. To her surprise I told her I wanted to go with her.

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finding a mentor
Scott, Lourence and Alby my mentors

The event was very nice and for the first time we got to meet the people we would be working which I thought was a rarity for network marketing company. That’s not to say that you don’t get to know people online but it is different then a face to face meeting in person. Online you can’t get a true read into body language or quirky ticks someone might have until you talk to them in person.  It was then that I decided I would get behind this product and company with her.  Something I didn’t think would ever happen again.

I guess I needed to reassure myself before I could ask another person to get behind a company or product. After the event I remember thinking to myself that we could get back to a place that we were just a year or so ago. A hard decision to make after having it ripped out from under our feet,  at least it was a hard decision for me.

 Transition from my normal job to working from home

For me I thought the transition from my normal job to working from home would be easier then for some because I had chosen my mentor to be my wife.  Let me tell you that could not be further from the truth. The person that I saw helping everyone online answering questions and building quite the team for herself was a ball buster to me.

It never occurred to me that she would hold me to a higher standard. I know what your thinking. How would it not have occurred to me right?  I do have to say that her high expectations of me turned me into a better marketer.  I will never ask the same question twice and expect a different answer like I see happening so many times.  I will not ask a question and expect the answer I like instead of the truth,  like I see happen all the time.

I will not do the same things over and over and expect a different result.  I will not preach to my downline about things I have just read or learned because I am far from an expert and what may motivate me may not motivate another. Rather then telling others what to do in a chat room or blog,  I will practice before I preach trying to enlighten others. I will constantly do productive things to change my life for the better both on and off line.


I am expecting to make the jump to full time marketer and lose the dreaded day job by the summer’s end of 2014  It has been and will be a life changing journey. It has been said that change comes from within and although change does comes from within, you have to look elsewhere in order to see where to go. I could not of asked for a better friend, mentor, and leader then my wife.


Whether it is your wife, a friend or someone you have not yet met,  align yourself with positive productive people that will demand you to be more then what you currently are. Someone that can walk with you as your peer during the good times and help you up when you fall during the bad.  Above all else be all that you can be in all aspects of your life and prosperity will soon follow you.

The Chronicles of a Crazed Marketer.

WOW I hope you enjoyed that post from one of our team members I surely have learnt from reading this enjoy :)

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