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Posture and Sponsoring more reps in your Online Business Part 2

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More Reps in Your Online Business

online businessHello David Ingham here from work from home career I am going to continue summarising some of the awesome teachings by Mike Dillard’s. This is great material and will help you in your online business.

When talking to people who cannot make a decision right now, give them some slack as this shows you are not desperate. You can say “John maybe you must go through the material again as I want you to be excited about joining our team and not be wishing that it’s going to work out”. When you are ready I will be your coach and guide you through the process.

KEY POINT: This shows that you are not needy and do not need them in your business.

For those who cannot make a decision and have gone through the material. You can say: “At this point there is nothing else I can do for you”. “Or no you can make the decision for you  and you might not like it as its going to be a no”. This puts people on the spot to make a decision have the posture you are the leader.

If I am interviewing someone who has two teams what team do they choose?

Do not drag them off the fence to join your team you can just give them your benefits as remember you do not need them in your business. This is very powerful as them people can see that you do not need them.

 The myth of the gurus in your Online Business

Guru’s look larger than life these images are not always correct. Gurus are not that untouchable as you think. They are people to and have also had to overcome challenges to become successful.

Fear is a myth in your life and Online Business

If you want it you can have it just go and get it. There is always solutions to challenges do not buy into the fear, you can learn anything. Do not be afraid of the gurus we can all do it. You are not the only one struggling and you can take on something new right now. Through Life’s experience you can learn new things, if you want to grow have more experience as you walk the path and you will get better.

Learning New Skills for your Online Business

online businessLearning skills form Mentors can shorten the learning curve. There is a first time for everything, imagine you are watching a painter and you say to them you paint awesome. They might say back to you. “Yes but I have been doing this for 20 years”. Experience is practice and learning, go out and start making 20 prospecting calls do something and apply it. Learn from others who are successful and from the experience of others.

Have a purpose and direction in your Home business

Have an understanding of the compensation plan so you know what you need to do to earn the income you want. You are learning the comp plan for yourself, not to explain to others that is done by a video. Do not wait when you join a home business get going straight away, you will make some mistakes in the beginning give yourself freedom to make mistakes. You will get guidance from your mentors and sponsor.

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Go out and prospect you learn by doing, draw out your compensation plan so you can see how you are doing and then you can build better. As then you will know how many people you will need to talk to on a daily basis and set goals for yourself.

You are not going to do this Online Business on your own you want to find leaders in your business . Sponsor people with talents that you do not have.

I will post some more blogs on Posture and Sponsoring more reps in your Online Business so keep out for part 3 : )


To your success and abundance.


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